Blog  Shabbat Letter From Anna (July 22th, 2016)

Shabbat Letter From Anna (July 22th, 2016)

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Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe another week has gone by! Week 3 was jam packed and full of lots of excitement and Jacobs Magic. We continue to see our campers connecting with one another and their counselors. We all met amazing families on the road this year and in years past, and it is so wonderful to see their camp experience unfold. Additionally,  ; it makes me especially nostalgic to look at the friendships being created and know they truly will last forever. This week we saw a lot of ruach, energy, and so much fun! Here’s a snapshot of what we experienced:

We had the opportunity to host an amazing musician and close Jacobs Camp friend, Dan Nichols. Dan performed for all of camp allowing campers, the future song leaders of Jacobs, to join him on stage. At the end of his concert, Dan announced the beginning of Maccabiah, our camp wide color war! The campers were split into four different teams: the Red Kit-Kats, the Yellow Mr. Goodbars, the Green M&Ms, and the Blue Crunch Bars. Maccabiah is one of my favorite parts of camp, because the energy is so high and the schedule of Maccabiah allows campers of all ages to play together. The team spirit that each camper displayed was amazing! We brought back an old tradition of having an all-camp relay, which concluded with an all-camp water program! At the end we all came together as one community singing the Jacobs Camp cheer and celebrating a red team victory!

Garin had a week full of campouts and bunk nights, as well as an amazing program led by their Chalutzim buddies! Also this week, Garin had their Messy Night Program where they covered themselves in paint, baby powder, shaving cream, and more! They had a blast!

Maskilim had an amazing week of programming! They played some games of Pictionary in the art room, and competed in various sports on the upper athletic field. Maskilim really enjoyed getting into the Maccabiah spirit, and finishing off their week with their night out where they went bowling and to Pump It Up for some bouncy house fun!

Talmidim had an incredible week! They had a football tailgate party in July with Chalutzim, playing games like Corn Hole and Can Jam, they learned how to balance self-confidence and humility, and they spent quality time with their cabins during bunk night!

Chalutzim had an equally incredible week! On top of our tailgate in July with Talmidim, Chalutzim wrote and implemented a program for their Garin buddies, getting a taste of what it is like to be a counselor! They also had a program with David Solomon, the vice-principal of NFTY-EIE (High School in Israel), where they learned about opportunities that they have to go to Israel in the future.

This week has been absolutely remarkable, and I know we have another extraordinary week to come! Don’t forget to watch our third week in review video to see our past week in action, and make sure to stay connected by reading the Jacobs Journal, and following us on social media.