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We are excited to remind you about the various ways to stay in touch with all the exciting events at camp this summer! Read on for information on how to stay connected with camp!

Our Blog: Your Summer Central

We have a convenient central location for summer content and updates:

Here you can view blogs written by our staff members, campers, visiting faculty, and guests! These posts will share special events happening at camp and interesting stories from our camp community. You may subscribe to our blog to have this content right in your inbox every day!

We will also be posting the “Jacobs Journal” daily! This page will share information about the day’s menu, events, and more! We encourage you to bookmark the Jacobs Journal page and check it out each day around lunch time to get an exciting daily taste of camp!

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

We will be posting on Facebook daily, with general updates about what’s going on at camp. We’ll share blog posts, the Jacobs Journal, favorite photos, videos of what’s going on at camp, and even go live during major events!

Follow us on Instagram @urjjacobscamp to see our daily favorite photo of the day! Be sure to tag us and use your favorite hashtags when posting your own camp photos as well! #HSJ2017 #wehavethebestcampers #camplife

Twitter is another base for major events, where we’ll live tweet up-to-the-minute updates of major camp happenings! Find us @URJjacobscamp.

View Photos of Camp

View Photos of Camp with CampinTouch

The same CampInTouch website that your family has already used to register for camp will also provide you with a secure, easy-to-use platform to view photos of what’s happening at camp all summer! CampInTouch photo albums are available to all families free of charge. You will also have the ability to share these photos with friends and family, and buy photos directly from the website, if you wish.

A note about CampInTouch Photos

We know how much our families love seeing the photos posted in CampInTouch!  However, please keep the following mind:

  • The CampInTouch service is meant to be an asset for our families but is absolutely secondary to other camp operations.
  • Please note that we will NOT be taking a photograph of every child every day. In fact, we cannot guarantee how often any camper will appear in photos. The primary purpose of sharing daily photos is for families to see the kinds of activities your child is participating in, not to see a picture of your child every day.
  • If you do not see a photo of your child one day, please don’t be concerned. If you’ve been looking for a few days and are concerned, we understand that you may want to contact us. However, please be assured that we will always be in touch if there is a problem regarding your camper.
  • We generally upload photos twice a day (before lunch and after evening programming), but due to the nature of our camp schedule, there is not a set time every day when we guarantee photos will be uploaded.
  • Photos are only a split-second view of an experience that has millions of moments – good, bad and everything in between, so please don’t be concerned if you see your child looking unhappy!

Email Your Camper

For information on how to email your camper, please check your CampInTouch account.

We can’t wait to connect with you this summer!  (You’ll feel like you’re right here at camp — almost!)