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Interviews With Upper Staff

This week we wanted to share what some of our upper staff members love most about HSJ. Fortunately, they were also joined by their Olim buddies, who offer their own insight into what they think makes working at HSJ so wonderful. Thank you to everyone for sharing their lovely words, and special thanks to our Olimers for their participation!

Sophie Guirard, Garin Unit Head

“Meeting all the campers and bossing them around!”

Sean Perriera, Videographer:

“Getting to go to the office!”


Sophie White, Photographer:

“I love taking pictures and having fun!”


Sarah Tucker, Assistant Director:

“Staying at camp all year long!”


Joshua Posner, Assistant Director:

“Playing ping pong when you’re not supposed to, and getting to know everything that’s happening and going everywhere!”


Anna Herman, Camp Director and Nadav Herman, First Spouse:

“Playing with the kids, helping them out, and playing around!”


Ben Katz, Staff Engagement Coordinator:

“Getting to see so many of my friends during the day!”


Thank you again to our amazing upper staff (and their adorable mini-mes!) for their incredible thoughts on what makes working at HSJ so remarkable!