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When parents ask us what is the magic of Jacobs Camp we could go on and on about that feeling you get walking to Shabbat services, or when you jump into the lake. We could talk about Maccabiah and Rib Night.  And we do. But with any kind of magic, the Jacobs Magic is made up of the things you can’t see. 

It’s our community and the connections big and small that are the base. The magic is creating authentic moments at every turn to help our campers build bonds. We train our staff each summer on how to help our campers be part of the moments that solidify friendships – our counselors see each day as an opportunity to make a positive impact on our campers. It can be something as simple as working together to create bunk rules and learning how to accommodate the needs of their bunkmates and share their own needs. Or something that can be heard throughout camp – like an entire bunk is cheering someone on as they climb the adventure tower for the first time. 

And within these moments – campers learn to work together, make their own choices, take responsibility, develop creative skills, build independence and self-reliance, and gain confidence.

Our children have missed over a year of these authentic moments.  The opportunity to make friends on their own in class or on a sports team.  The chance to try out a new sport or sing on stage.  Jacobs camp gives them the chance to do these things each day (safely).

As we get ready to welcome our campers home for Summer 2021, the Jacobs Magic is in the air – you can’t miss it.