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Dear Mom and Dad,

What do you want to do on your next Summer vacation? I would like to go back to Jacobs Camp, my sleepaway camp. I went there last summer and I met a lot of new friends, and I had an amazing time with lots of fun experiences. There where so many fun activities to do, like fishing, boating, archery, rock climing, and much much more.

Then I would love to have all of the amazing foods they serve for meals. We always have fried chicken on the first night mmmm. They also serve scones for breakfast and they are the best sugay breakfast you’ve ever had!

Finally, I would like to meet lots of new friends and maybe see some of my friends I met the year before. That’s the best possible thing for me to do in the summer.

Your favorite and only son,


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Jace W.

Jace spent Summer 2021 in the Garin program where he enjoyed fishing and boating in Lake Gary, rock climbing at the Tower and climbing wall, and chowing down on fried chicken and scones. Jace is excited about his sister joining him at camp for the first time in Summer 2022!


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