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My name is Mica Karotkin and I am helping raise money for Jacobs Camp for my Bat Mitzvah Tzedek project. When I was thinking about what I wanted to do, Jacobs camp came to my mind instantly. I decided to do a backflip for every five dollars raised. I made the website jumping for Jacobs since gymnastics and Jacobs camp are two of my favorite things.

I decided to involve my gymnastics into this project since it is such a special thing to me. I remember watching the gymnasts compete in the 2016 Olympics and all I was thinking was “Wow, I want to do that someday.”

I have been going to camp since I was seven years old, and since then, everyday there is so amazing. Camp is my home away from home and even just having to miss one year was heartbreaking. It was especially hard for me because since I have lived in Brussels, Belgium for the past four years, I did not get to see my friends from camp very often. Getting to go to camp is an experience that everyone should get, so raising money to let other kids go to camp is exactly what I wanted.

To donate to my page, click here: Fundraising for Henry S. Jacobs Camp

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Mica Karotkin

Mica has been going to camp for seven summers. Being at camp is her favorite time of the year. Mica’s favorite things to do at camp are climbing the tower and the obstacle course. But most of all, she loves being with her friends and spending time with them.


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