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I Found Out Who I Really Am At Camp

A defining characteristic of Jacobs Camp are the life-long friendships that are made each and every summer at camp. Whether you went to camp in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, or are currently a camper, you know that Camp Friends are Best Friends!

Read Charlotte’s story about how she made new friends during Session 1 and the impact it has had on her life already!

Charlotte was excited and a little nervous before coming to camp this summer. For weeks leading up to camp, Charlotte’s mom reassured her that she would make new and wonderful friends at Jacobs Camp.

Fast forward to a long road trip back home fueled by a thousand camp stories where Charlotte adamantly stated that she will be returning to Jacobs Camp next summer.

But the real magic came when Charlotte’s mom was tucking her into bed on their first night back home. Charlotte said, “Mom, is it weird to say that I found out who I really am at camp?” Her mom replied, “It is NOT weird, and I’m so glad you feel that way!”

Charlotte went on to say how cool it was to be with lots of girls that she liked and who liked her, just for being herself!

Charlotte’s story is one of countless examples of the transformative power of Jacobs Camp. At camp, we strive to create an atmosphere that provides a transformative summer experience that shows campers like Charlotte and many others that you can make friends just by being yourself.

About the Author

Charlotte A.

Charlotte is a Garin Camper who just finished her first summer at camp! Charlotte’s favorite activities are the Iceberg in the lake and cooking. She also loves Maccabiah!