Jacobs Camp Road to Welcome Home Campaign

At Camp, we are actively planning to bring the Jacobs Magic back to Utica for Summer 2021. While there are so many details to work out to ensure that our campers and staff have a healthy, safe, and successful summer, there is one thing that hasn't changed. Jacobs Camp has always been committed to providing financial assistance to families in order to ensure that finances never keep a child from coming to Camp. Thanks to your generous support of our Sustainability Campaign, we have a head start on our camper scholarship needs for 2021. But we know we will need much more.

During a normal year, Jacobs Camp awards $150,000 in scholarships to campers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis, we are estimating that camper families will need $250,000 for 2021. Additionally, we are estimating that the cost of extra precautions to operate safely next summer will cost about $50,000.

It will take your support to make sure all our campers are able to come together with our talented staff to create the Jacobs Magic once again.  Your gift to our 2020 Road to Welcome Home Campaign is vital to the success of next summer.  I hope you will join me making Summer 2021 our most special summer yet!


Would you like to pay by check?
Make checks payable to Jacobs and mail to:
URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp
3863 Morrison Road
Utica, MS 39175
Attn: Development
The Union for Reform Judaism is a registered 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. Jacobs Camp welcomes the support of individuals, corporations and foundations. Donors are recognized commensurate with their giving level. Gifts are tax deductible and an acknowledgement of your donation will be sent. Contact Jacob Fijman, Jacobs Camp Development Manager, with questions at jfijman@urj.org or 601-885-6042.