newdonate_leg1Every year, as more and more lives are shaped by our community, the “Jacobs Magic” gets stronger and stronger. Much has changed over the years as we have strived to keep our program vibrant & dynamic and our facility fresh & modern. But, much has remained the same: Every summer a warm, caring community is formed here, one that inspires, empowers, and enables our campers and staff to live meaningful Jewish lives.

Jacobs Camp plays a significant role in uniting and strengthening Southern Jewry. As the only Reform Jewish Camp in the Deep South that serves the Deep South, we have been and will continue to be a vital place that keeps the spirit of Southern Jewry alive into the next generation and beyond. The pivotal role we play in building the Jewish identity of so many young people, and in doing so strengthening the Jewish Community of the Deep South, has never been more important.
The generous support of so many has allowed Jacobs Camp to grow and flourish. With such a wonderful legacy upon which to build, Jacobs Camp now has to look to secure the future.

The Legacy program is a campaign designed to help individuals and families support the Jacobs Camp, now and in the future with bequests. You have the ability to make a difference in the lives of future Jacobs campers. our bequest or other planned gift will keep our camp strong for generations. The act of creating a legacy empowers you to complete the work of your heart, and to enjoy the peace that it brings.

If you have made or are considering making Jacobs Camp in your future estate plans, please email Anna Herman or call her at 601-885-6042.

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Words from Our Legacy Society Members

We have been supporters of Jacobs Camp for more than 30 years. Our involvement began when we first saw how much our children enjoyed camp. Our commitment grew stronger when we saw that besides making them happy it made them better Jews and better citizens. Today our dedication has expanded as we see the difference the Jacobs alumni are making in our congregations, community and region. Our Legacy gift is the best way we know to ensure that the Jacobs Camp tradition continues for future generations.
-Susan & Lou Good

Our grandparents and parents built and sustained our camp as one of their legacies to us and our children. It is not only our responsibility, but also our honor to pave the way for the benefit of future generations of our Jewish community: l'dor v'dor. We are always told "to leave the campsite better than we found it." Legacy is one of the important paths that we have chosen to fulfill this.
-Leigh & Danny Mansberg

Jacobs Camp has been a part of us for over 35 years. We both grew up as campers and then staff members at Jacobs Camp. We were even fortunate enough to find each other and get married. Now our children are getting to experience the “Jacobs Magic” that we enjoyed through all of our years at camp. Jacobs Camp has helped shape our Jewish identities as well who we are as individuals today. Our legacy gift will help ensure that the “Jacobs Magic” lives on for our children and for many generations to come. We want to help ensure that the Jewish children in the south will have a place to come summer after summer.
-Sarah & Jeff Lewis

Jacobs Camp has been a part of me for almost 25 years and has shaped both my Jewish identity as well as my personal identity. "The Jacobs Magic" lives not only in each and every person who has walked through the gates, but is also in their communities back home. I have seen the impact and know how vital Jacobs Camp is to the survival of Southern Jewry. I am proud to be part of the Legacy Society to ensure that HSJ is around to impact many generations to come. 
-Scott Price

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