URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp Donors

On behalf of the URJ and Jacobs Camp, thank you for your support! Your commitment and generosity has a powerful, positive effect on our campers and staff. Our camps transform those who partake in this immersive experience and thus, work to create a new and vital future for the entire Jewish community.

2018 Donors

Chalutzim ($5,000 and Above)

Sheryl and Jay Davidson
Melinda and Morris Mintz
Marty Davidson
Terry Orgel
Donna and Hans Sternberg
Rella and David Zapletal
Marcia and Jonathan Kay
Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge
Alyse Wagner and Jon Sacks
Linda and Mark Posner
Jessica and Joshua Leif
Nita Joan Sams
Laura and Adam Magnus
Beth Israel Congregation Sisterhood
Ferber Family of Houma Foundation
Cahn Family Foundation

Talmidim ($1,000 - $4,999)

David Silverstein and Kenneth Schmitt
James Rosen
Barbara and Roy Mansberg
Susan and Lou Good
Clare and Robin Clarke
Beth and Steve Orlansky
North Louisiana Jewish Foundation
Rabbi Barry Block
Delta Jewish Open Golf Tournament
Dana and Louis Shepard
Carolyn and Charles Bombet
Lori and Joshua Shemper
Herman Rosenberg
Lisa Usdan and David Portnoy
Rachel and Mark Hausmann
Tillie Reagler
Randi and David Landy
Helaine and William Braunig
Gary Lazarus
Rabbis Debra Pine and Andrew J. Busch
Nicholaus O'Shea Barber
Ellen and Mark Balkin
Leigh and Craig Royal
Amy and Arty Finkelberg
Judy Royal
Jean Mintz
Kathy and David Bauman
Robin and Billy Orgel
Sheril and Rabbi Micah Greenstein
Leslie and Roger Hirsch
Simone and Kevin Levingston
Wendy and Cary Rotter
Sheryl Gorden
Deborah Sternberg and Michael Roth
Mary Jane and Mike Lamensdorf
Emily Lewis
Zalik Foundation, Inc.

Maskilim ($500 - $999)

Leigh and Danny Mansberg
Meryl Shahun Rosen
Karen and Ronald Davis
Stacy and Jay Silverstein
Jenny and Lee Zurik
Mollie and Jimmy Fried
Brian Warren
Susan and Les Burson
Bette Shornick
Regions Bank
Naomi and Larry Orlansky
Louis Reagler
J. David Orlansky
Rachel Schulman
Emily and Sammy Friedman
Joel and Dub Ashner
Jerry Tanenbaum
Sue and Fred Preis
Roxanne Travelute and Mike Hohan
Hannah and Will Martin
Doris Krain
Andrea and Rabbi Joel Fleekop
Barbara Jacobs
Matthew Slack
Congregation House of Israel Sisterhood, Hot Springs, AR
Cynthia Strohmeyer
Congregation B'nai Israel Sisterhood, Baton Rouge, LA
Meridian Jewish Welfare Fund - UJA
Ronne and Donald Hess Foundation

Garin ($250 - $499)

Tiffany and Mitchell Bilbe
Susan and Macy Hart
Carolyn and Robert Landers
Marilyn Zackin
Kathy and Jack Grundfest
Jennifer and Stuart Green
Melissa and Jason Bloomfield
Rabbis Denise Eger and Eleanor Steinman
Rabbi Lynne and Robert Goldsmith
Rachel and Sam Lahasky
Patricia and Earle Schwarz
Vicki Reikes-Fox and Rabbi Steve Fox
Henry Green
Lani and Spencer Preis
Michelle and Gus Levy
Jarmila and Peter Zapletal
Rabbi Katie Bauman and Adam Eckstein
Amy and Brian Katz
Marion and Brad Lapidus
Robin and Allan Windt
Rachel and Richard Goldberg
Ann and Christian Kientz
Jare Akchin
Allison and George Freeman
Nancy and Lawrence Leader
Jason Berger
Sean Smith
Michele and Vadim Gelman
Betsy and Joey Samuels
Gretchen and Lee Kantrow
Ann Rabinovitz
Cynthia and David Hill
Debbie and David Rosenthal
Betty and Harry Lazarus
Adam Levyn
Jacquie and Myron Schwitzer
Marty and Chuck Lisner
Natalie and Jimmy Jalenak
Jackie and Ron Nierman
Molly and Jason Wexler
Jennifer and Joey Lazarus
Charles Leggio
Donna Gaines
Laurie and Elkan Scheidt
Women of Reform Judaism SW District

Olim ($18 - $249)

Judith Kaplan Kiefer and Shawn Kiefer
Karen Spence
Joy and Jarred Kaplan
Natalie and Ethan Selzer
Joy and Leo Bearman
Helen and Harold Meyer
Linda Ellen and Ronald Sklar
Lois and Barry Jacobs
Andrew Bindursky
Michelle and Neil Deininger
Doris and George Barnes
Marilyn and Paul Kullman
Rabbi Judith and Brian Siegal
Jody and Ben Valentine
Hebrew Union Temple Sisterhood, Greenville, MS
Institute of Southern Jewish Life
Congregation B'nai Israel - Rabbi's Fund, Little Rock, AR
Ellie Streiffer and Benjamin Horwitz
Donna and Al Tanenbaum
Susan and William Hess
Julie and David Benson
Lisa and Ronnie Cyzner
Aimee and Steven Bain
Carole and Charles Plesofsky
Katie Goldstein and Marc Sternberg
Bernice and Stephen Silberman
Gail and Gene Sherman
Clare and Michael Grisham
Mindy Davids
Catherine and Clay Levit
Jane and Scott Levine
Susan and Howard Green
Bob Royal
Lisa Goff
Silvia DeWitt
Ellen and Marc Sager
Jay Benjamin
Sylvia Amsler and Lewis Krain
Brenda and Louis Saltz
Susan and Stuart Rockoff
Julie Sternberg
Shelly and Matt Mullenix
Rachelle Hirsch
Jerie and Jon Black
Lucia and David Hammer
Eileen and Benjamin Shieber
Michael Matthews
Sara Belin
Gillian and Mike Parrish
Rabbi Raina Siroty
Laurie and Mark Aronson
John Bell
Elisa and Brad Cohen
Ian Rathmell
Nichole and Edward Friedland
Josh Lawhead
Robin Jaffe and Evie Ratner-Jaffe
Helen and Peter Connelly
Robert Hinkle
Ronald Smith
Chandra Johnson
Congregation Gates of Prayer, Metairie, LA
Touro Synagogue, New Orleans, LA
Arlene and Franklin Mix
Maury Bronstein
Ann and Rick Streiffer
Sandy Levine
Judith and Robert Levy
Jan and Marc Reisman
Linda and Steven Goldsher
Anne and Al Rotenberg
Robert Atkinson
Rabbi Lucy and Jeffrey Dinner
Sallye Marcus
Marilyn and Dennis Martell
Stacy and Kevin Brown
Lisa and Charles Boardman
Rabbi Valerie and JC Cohen
Laurie and James Dworkin
Carol Good
Brenda and Lee Berg
Erin and Joel Seligstein
Rabbi Debra and Alexander Kassoff
Peggy Banks
Connie and Donald Posner
Marietta and Jay Hesdorffer
Melanie and Daniel Bronfin
Bunny and Victor Koock
Linda Dubois
Rabbis Lindsey and Michael Danziger
Cathy Lazarus and Eric Simon
Ann and Mitchell Liberman
Jeffery Fleishmann
Fay and James Dever
Henry Brenner
Elise and Henry Frohsin
Janet and Donald Bonaventure
Julie Koppman and Brian Bain
Sheila and Timothy Gold
Phyllis and Christopher Gregory
Florence and Jack Herman
Louann and Ronald Bombet
Elizabeth and Mitch Rayner
Lynne and Danny Miller
Laura and Jimmy Linder
Shirley and Gary Eriksen
Toby Pick
Judith Barnes-Cochran
Susan and Mark Fijman
Ellen Locke
Ginny Evans
Jane Woolsey and Patrick McAllister
Billie Maddox
Ruth and Carl Black
William Goodman
Maria M. Darden
Lauren and Shanan Bourque
Ken Sullivan
Lauren Fairbanks
Tonya and Jay Joseph
Michael Ozburn
Sue Bartlett
Kathy Leblanc
Gerard Rocchi
Tara and Rob Peltier
Julia and Kenneth Rose
Stuart Weitz
Jill and Thomas McConathy
Cortland Warner
Susan and Charles D'Agostino
Mary Jane and Paul Hebert
Marilyn Haas and Tommy Howard
Norma Richards
Kathryn Knight
Allison and Michael Johnson
Arkansas Community Foundation
Campbell DeLong, LLP
Baton Rouge Temple Youth Group
Louise and Jerald Sklar
Sandra and Fred Levin
Felice and S. Richard Bauman
Trevor Rosenthal
Roslyn Hirsch-Clark and Harry Clark
Pamela and Rob Steeg
Temple Israel, Memphis, TN
Laurie and Harold Brandt
Robin and Bobby Garon
Cynthia and Lou Harry
Rivka and Scott Zemke
Risa Morris
Louis Krane
Bridget Connor-Feldbaum and David Feldbaum
Rachel Kesselman
Jerri and Rob Blitzer
Scott Price
Hannah Hausmann
Shelby and Allen Hammer
Jason Joiner
Cathy T. Melanson
Karen and Jerry Ceppos
Peggy and Leo Jalenak
Valerie and Tom Wolf
Lynn Moses
Jo Ann and Marvin Bender
Anne and Donald Sawyer
Adrien and Errol Genet
Joyce and Art Salomon
Kathy Kahn-Hurwitz
Jill and Michael Kantrow
Sophie Samuels
Amelia Passer
Terry and Alvin Kenney
Ellen Samples
Alison Barton
Alan H. Katz
Jan Wofford and Kevin Lewis
Adrienne and Jim Moore
Sandra and Joe Livesay
Susan Steffy
Linda and Jerry Himelstein
Carolyn and Mark Wakefield
Cala and John Colbert
Judith and John Lambert
Lynn and Armand Roos
Wendy and Scott Whittaker
Jan H. Townes
Rolanda Durham-Gros
Wayne Olan
Janet and A. Holder
Judith and Alan Fishbein
Melinda Richard
Joan Strohmeyer
Steven Reid
Tamara and Keith McDavid
Thomas Boagni
Katherine and Prentice Suggs
Kay and Robert Kenney
Lillian Miller
George Dansker
Starlette Milton
N. O. Lettering Arts Association
Memphis Calligraphy Guild
Gregory Koock
Malinda and Jim Warren
Monica and Steven Winkler
Jeanne and Rabbi Harry Danziger
Barbara and Marshall Ostrow
Stephanie and Jonathon Wolfson
Lynne and Michael Wasserman
Amy and John Haspel
Sarah and Jeffrey Lewis
Lexi Erdheim
Elizabeth Olim
Alice and George Copen
Suzon and David Gordon
Jodie Struminger
Ms. Amy Shiffman
Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Carol and Harold Asher
Meredith and Gary Weintraub
Sharon and Steve Solomon
Ellyn and Rich Dinnerstein
Erin and Gregory Zagnoev
Mimi and Marty Levy
Stephanie and Michael Anthony
Jennifer Bucklew
Hilary and Hamilton Shaw
Annette and Chris Dardaman
Harriette and Skip Swearingen
Bonnie and Glen Davidson
Gayla and John Purvis
Sue and Granville Tate
Carol Mann
Todd Hamilton
Lynn and Felix Weill
Susan and Joe Marx
Jacqueline Toledano
Ellen and Herbert Kahn
Susan and Byron Kantrow
Susanne and Bruce Landau
Patti and David Micklin
Hollie Nash
Leslie and Richard Marcus
Joy Nichols
Catherine and Steven Braswell
Russell Blumenthal
Nancy Claypool
Zachariah Brevis
Mary Gibson
Nancy and Charles Krpec
Brooke Hoffman
Sandra and Alan Berman
Irene and Bobby Bourque
Stephanie Rippee
Mary Dixon
Yolande and Boyd Charles
PJ Hamilton
Julie and Scott Silbert
Elaine Kartus
Thomas Yan
Mary and Barry Rester
Shelly Baron
Ilona and Jim Thomson
Debra and Joel Jacobs
Garrett Moore
Debra and Alex Saharovich
Jennifer Goldberg
Judy and Aaron Gadiel
Stacy and Jerry Siegler
Jo Ann and Dennis Weiss

Organization Scholarship Supporters

Baton Rouge Jewish Federation Flood Relief
Beth Israel Congregation, Jackson, MS
Beth Israel Congregation Sisterhood, Jackson, MS
Beth Shalom Synagogue, Baton Rouge, LA
Cahn Family Foundation, New Orleans, LA
Central Louisiana United Jewish Communities
CJP Boston - One Happy Camper
Collat Jewish Family Services, Birmingham, AL
Congregation Beth Yam, Hilton Head Island, SC
Congregation B'nai Israel Baton Rouge, LA
Congregation B'nai Israel Sisterhood, Baton Rouge, LA
Congregation B'nai Israel, Hattiesburg, MS
Congregation B'nai Israel Sisterhood, Hattiesburg, MS
Congregation B'nai Israel, Little Rock, AR
Congregation B'nai Zion, Shreveport, LA
Congregation Gates of Prayer, Metairie, LA
Congregation Gates of Prayer Brotherhood, Metairie, LA
Congregation Gates of Prayer Sisterhood, Metairie, LA
Congregation Gemiluth Chassodim, Alexandria, LA
Congregation House of Israel Sisterhood, Hot Springs, AR
Delta Jewish Golf Open, Greenville, MS
First Time Anonymous Scholarship Fund, Nashville, TN
Foundation for Jewish Camp, Inc., New York, NY
Genevieve and Meyer Falk Fund
Goldring Jewish Summer Camp Experience
Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life, Jackson, MS
Hebrew Union Temple Sisterhood, Greenville, MS
Jackson Jewish Federation, Jackson, MS
Jewish Children's Regional Service, New Orleans, LA
Jewish Endowment Foundation of Lousiana, Metairie, LA
Jewish Federation of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
Jewish Federation of Central Alabama, Montogomery, AL
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee
Lester Seigel Scholarship Award, Birmingham, AL
Jewish Community Partners of Memphis
Meridian Jewish Welfare Fund, Meridian, MS
M.N. Davidson Foundation, Lake Charles, LA
North Louisiana Jewish Federation, Shreveport, LA
Ohef Sholom Temple, Norfolk, VA
Pensacola Jewish Federation, Pensacola, FL
P.J. Goes to Camp
Rabbi Grafman Endowment Fund-Temple Emanu-EL, Birmingham, AL
RoseMary and Saul Brooks Special Fund, Baton Rouge, LA
Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation, Metairie, LA
Springhill Ave. Anonymous Scholarship Fund, Mobile, AL
Temple Beth El, Pensacola, FL
Temple Beth Or, Montgomery, AL
Temple B'nai Israel - Galveston, TX
Temple Emanu-EL Brotherhood, Birmingham, AL
Temple Emanu-EL, Atlanta, GA
Temple Emanu-EL, Dothan, AL
Temple Emanu-EL, Tuscaloosa, AL
Temple Israel, Memphis, TN
Temple Israel Brotherhood, Memphis, TN
Temple Israel WRJ, Memphis, TN
Temple Sinai, New Orleans, LA
Tenenbaum Foundation - One Happy Camper, Little Rock, AR
The Temple Congregation Ohabai Sholom, Nashville, TN
Tidewater Jewish Foundation - One Happy Camper, Virginia Beach, VA
Touro Synagogue, New Orleans, LA
Touro Synagogue Anonymous Scholarship, New Orleans, LA
Women of Reform Judaism SW District