URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp Donors

On behalf of the URJ and Jacobs Camp, thank you for your support! Your commitment and generosity has a powerful, positive effect on our campers and staff. Our camps transform those who partake in this immersive experience and thus, work to create a new and vital future for the entire Jewish community.

2017 Donors

Chalutzim ($5,000 and Above)

Sheryl and Jay Davidson
Ferber Family of Houma Foundation
Susan and Lou Good
Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge
The Nachshon Project
Terry and Dick Orgel
Linda and Mark Posner
Soref-Breslauer Texas Family Foundation
Alyse Wagner

Talmidim ($1,000 - $4,999)

Rabbi Ruth Valere Adar and Linda Burnett
Ellen and Mark Balkin
Jill Reikes Bauman and Steve Bauman
Kathy and David Bauman
Jason Binder
Rabbi Barry Block
Helaine and Bill Braunig
Cahn Family Foundation, Inc.
Cenla United Jewish Communities
Delta Jewish Golf Open
Amy and Arty Finkelberg
Andrea and Rabbi Joel Fleekop
Sheryl Gorden
Kathy and Jack Grundfest
Rachel and Mark Hausmann
Barbara Jacobs
Stephen Juris
Randi and David Landy
Marion and Brad Lapidus
Laura and Adam Magnus
Beth and Steve Orlansky
Jennifer and Scott Pollack
Lisa and David Portnoy
Isabel Posner
James Rosen
Herman Rosenberg
Wendy and Cary Rotter
Leigh and Craig Royal
Jenny and Jonathan Selbin
Dana and Louis Shepard
Linda Ellen and Ron Sklar
Donna and Hans Sternberg
Rella and David Zapletal

Maskilim ($500 - $999)

Joe Badt
Carolyn and Charles Bombet
Clare and Robin Clarke
Ruth and Michel Cohen
Jeanne and Rabbi Harry Danziger
Karen and Ronald Davis
Foundation for Jewish Camp, Inc.
Mollie and Jimmy Fried
Emily and Samuel Friedman
Edward Goldstein
Peggy and Larry Goldstein
Carol Good
Sheril and Rabbi Micah Greenstein
Leslie and Roger Hirsch
Brian Kahn
Meridian Jewish Welfare Fund
Naomi and Larry Orlansky
Caren Mayer Orum and Nick Orum
Lynn and Arthur Penn
Sue and Fred Preis
Judith Royal
Rachel Schulman
Lori and Joshua Shemper
Kathy and Hal Shepard
Jerry Tanenbaum

Garin ($250 - $499)

Dub and Joel Ashner
Martha and David Barton
Julie and David Benson
Andrew Bindursky
Lisa Brachman and Robert Roubey
Susan and Leslie Burson
Karen and Dave Curry
David and Shara Danziger
Nichole and Edward Friedland
Michele and Vadim Gelman
Giving Tree Associates
Sheila and Timothy Gold
Rachel and Ricky Goldberg
Howard Green
Sara and Scott Harris
Natalie and James Jalenak
Amy and Brian Katz
Leigh and Danny Mansberg
Arlene P. and Frank Mix
Jackie and Ron Nierman
Shirley and David Orlansky
Lani and Spencer Preis
Robert Roos
Meryl Rosen
Ellen and Marc Sager
Betsy and Joey Samuels
Patricia and Earle Schwarz
Bernice and Stephen Silberman
Rabbi Samuel Spector
Adam Tanenbaum
Mindy and Dave Weintraub
Molly and Jason Wexler
Monica and Steven Winkler
Jarmila and Peter Zapletal
Lee and Jenny Zurik

Olim ($18 - $249)

Amanda Abrams and Ben Dorfman
Lori and Jeffrey Actor
Peggy and William Adler
Sylvia Amsler
Aimee and Steven Bain
John Ball
Peggy Banks
Jo Ann and Marvin Bender
Ann Bennett
Silvana and Ariel Berlinski
Lisa and Jeff Berman
Peggy and Rick Bernstein
Phyllis Bernstein
Tiffany and Mitchell Bilbe
Melissa and Jason Bloomfield
Janet and Donald Bonaventure
Beverly and Malcolm Bonnheim
Catherine and Eric Botnick
Henry Brenner
Melanie and Daniel Bronfin
Maury Bronstein
Betty Brower
Aileen Burson
Sharyn Burson
Noah Chensasky
Alice and George Copen
Lisa and Ronnie Cyzner
Rabbis Lindsey and Michael Danziger
Silvia DeWitt
Rabbi Lucy and Jeffrey Dinner
Jeffrey Dreifus
Emily and Evan Dvorin
Jane and Gene Eckstein
Rachel and Chad Eriksen
Shepard Fargotstein
Kay and Stuart Fleischner
Margot Garon (z"l)
Adrien and Errol Genet
Lisa Kullman Goff
Andrew Goldberg
Ryan Goldin
Brenda and Michael Goldman
The Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life
Linda and Steve Goldsher
Rabbi Lynne and Robert Goldsmith
Lisa and Lee Goldstein
Clare Roberts Grisham
Philip Hamilton
Todd Hamilton
Shelby and Allen Hammer
Robin and Dotan Harpak
Florence and Jack Herman
Audrey Hildebrand
Gloria and Arnold Himelstein
Rachelle Hirsch
Robin Hirsch
Rabbi Sherre and Jeffrey Hirsch
Laurel Hixson
Jefferson Hockenheimer
Julie Hoffman and Ara Rubyan
Ellie Streiffer and Benjamin Horowitz
Rebecca Jackson
Lois and Barry Jacobs
Connie Jeanes
Jewish Foundation of Memphis
Hydee and Ryan Kagan
Kathy Kahn-Hurwitz
Susan and Byron Kantrow
Steve Kaplan
Elaine Kartus
Addie Klein
Jan Klein
Lynn Koff
Rachel and Sam Lahasky
Francine and Jonathan Lake
Carolyn and Robert Landers
Betty and Harry Lazarus
Cathy Lazarus and Eric Simon
Gary Lazarus
Sandra and Frederick Levin
Sandra Levine
Catherine and Clay Levit
Ellen Levy
Judith and Robert Levy
Michelle and Gus Levy
Laura and Jimmy Linder
Sara Loewy
Benjamin Lowenburg
Carrie and Brint Marks
Susan and Joe Marx
Helen and Harold Meyer, Jr.
Paula Miller
Rickey Moore
Cecile Murov
Asher Nierman
Hannah and Abram Orlansky
Barbara and Marshall Ostrow
Meredith and Jimmy Petrone
Rochelle Pierce
Kim Pollack
Connie and Donald Posner
Jennifer Posner
Sondra Price
Rabbi Matthew and Leah Reimer
Jan and Marc Reisman
Stuart and Susan Rockoff
Judy Roheim
Jennifer and Steve Ronnel
Dee Dee Rous and Larry Bryan
Robert Royal
Robbie and David Rubin
Kayla and Jason Salomon
Anne and Donald Sawyer
Jacqueline and Myron Schwitzer
Shirley Seligman
Natalie and Ethan Selzer
Kimberly Sherman
Rabbi Judith and Brian Siegal
Louise and Jerry Sklar
Stephanie and Joel Sklar
David Snyder
Stella and Rabbi Cy Stanway
Rabbis Eleanor Steinman and Denise Eger
Ann and Rick Streiffer
Christina and Charles Tardy
Temple Emanu-El
Leah and Eric Tennen
Ilona and James Thomson
Emilie Thost
Roxanne Travelute and Mike Honan
Rabbis Natan Trief and Samantha Shabman
Waddell & Associates, LLC
Robin and Allan Windt
Thomas Wolf
Rivka and Scott Zemke

Organization Scholarship Supporters

Baton Rouge Jewish Federation Flood Relief
Beth Am Synagogue - Baltimore, MD
Beth Israel Congregation Sisterhood - Jackson, MS
Beth Israel Sisterhood - Jackson, MS
B'nai Israel Sisterhood - Baton Rouge, LA
B'nai Zion Congregation - Shreveport, LA
Bossier City Optimist Club
CJP Boston - One Happy Camper
Collat Jewish Family Services Birmingham
Congregation Beth Yam - Hilton Head Island, SC
Congregation B'nai Israel - Hattiesburg, MS
Congregation Gates of Prayer - Metairie, LA
Congregation House of Israel Sisterhood - Hot Springs, AR
Falk Fund
First Time Anonymous Scholarship Fund - Nashville, TN
Goldring Jewish Summer Camp Experience
Hebrew Union Temple Sisterhood - Greenville, MS
Jackson Jewish Federation
Jewish Children's Regional Service
Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana
Jewish Federation of Central Alabama
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta - One Happy Camper
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge
Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
Jewish Federation of Nashville - One Happy Camper
Memphis Jewish Federation
North Louisiana Jewish Federation
Pensacola Jewish Federation
Rabbi Grafman Endowment Fund Temple Emanu-EL
Rabbi Simon Discretionary Fund
Springhill Ave. Anonymous Scholarship Fund - Mobile, AL
Temple Beth El - Pensacola, FL
Temple Beth Shalom - Hudson, OH
Temple B'nai Israel - Galveston, TX
Temple Emanu-El - Birmingham, AL
Temple Emanu-El - Dothan, AL
Temple Israel - Memphis, TN
Temple Israel Brotherhood - Memphis, TN
Temple Israel Sisterhood - Memphis, TN
Tenenbaum Foundation - One Happy Camper, Little Rock, AR
Touro Synagogue - New Orleans, LA
Touro Synagogue Anonymous Scholarship - New Orleans, LA
Ventura County Jewish Council
WRJ - Temple Israel Sisterhood