The bridge near camp is closed!

This will change the drive to camp for most people!  Check it out below!

  1. If you are coming from the North/I-20 & Highway 18, you will not be able to get to camp by turning on Berry Road and then Morrison Road.  You need to turn before Berry Road.
      • Make a left on Chapel Hill Road (this is the road before Berry Road).
      • Turn right on Club House Road.
      • Turn right on Morrison Road.
      • Use this google maps shortcut
  2. If you are coming from Arkansas, all directions are normal until you get to Highway 27.  Before the bridge was closed you were able to get off Highway 27, cross over Highway 18, and go straight to Morrison Road.  You cannot  do that this year!  Instead, follow these directions:
      • When you get to the stop sign at Highway 27/Highway 18 you will see the Dollar General.
      • Turn right on Highway 18.
      • After the truck stop on the left side of the street, turn left on Highway 27.
      • Turn left on Morrison Road.
      • Use this google maps shortcut
  3. If you are coming from the South (New Orleans) or Interstate 55 the bridge closure will not affect you.  You can use google maps to navigate to camp as normal.  On opening day, you will be able to turn right on Morrison Road to get to camp since the bridge is closed.

This detour will add no more than 5 minutes to your trip. Please call camp at 601-885-6042 if you have any questions!

As a reminder, our address is:

3863 Morrison Road
Utica, MS 39175