Working at camp is one of THE best summer employment opportunities available! In no other place can you get paid to be a part of a caring & supportive community, explore both your career aspirations & your hobbies, and have a fufilling & meaningful impact on the lives of young people!

Change Lives as a Staff Member

The URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp is looking for motivated & energetic individuals who wish to have a meaningful & positive impact on the lives of Jewish youth. We expect our staff to grow & develop both personally & professionally throughout the summer in the healthy & supportive environment that we all create together.

Take a look at our available positions and view the job descriptions in each staff category. If you are interested, please apply online. Contact Camp Assistant Director Joshua Posner with any questions you may have.

Types of Positions Available

Our Summer Leadership Team is made up of twelve mature staff members who supervise program areas and groups of staff within camp. This team works directly with the year-round camp leadership to oversee every facet of camp-life. We are currently accepting applications for the following Leadership Team positions:

Camper Care Cohort

Olim Unit Head

Garin Unit Head

Maskilim Unit Head

Talmidim Unit Head

Chalutzim Unit Head

Gesher Director

Unit Head Job Description

Programming Cohort

Adventure Department Head

Arts Department Head

Sports Department Head

Director of Jewish Life

Summer Program and Logistics Coordinator

Department Head Job Description

At Jacobs Camp, it is our goal to create a healthy, nurturing environment for campers to try new activities, build meaningful relationships, and grow their Jewish identities, and our Camper Care Team plays a critical role in ensuring we meet these goals. We are seeking qualified candidates with an educational background and work experience in social work, child development, psychology, and/or education to join our Camper Care Team. This team will advise and mentor our staff in ensuring we are meeting every child’s needs and helping them to succeed throughout the summer.

Camper Care Director

Camper Care Director Job Description

Camper Care Specialist

Camper Care Specialist Job Description

General Counselor

The most meaningful and critical component of our camp staff; counselors are the influential front line role models who directly shape the camp experience for our region's youth. The below description applies to all in-cabin staff.

General Counselor Job Description


We are currently accepting applications for the following specialist positions:

Adventure Specialist
Archery Specialist
Biking Specialist
Education Specialist

Makerspace Specialist
Outdoor Living Specialist
Performing Arts Specialist
Robotics Specialist
Science Specialist
Song Leader
Sports Specialist
Visual Arts Specialist
Waterfront Specialist

Specialist Job Description

Operations Manager
In charge of allocating resources and program supplies.
Operations Assistant
Assist Operation Manager with day to day tasks. 
Infirmary Administrator
In charge of running the infirmary. 
Responsible for pick up and drop offs to airport, buying supplies for camp, and all other off camp errands.
Director of Marketing and Hospitality 
Marketing and Hospitality Intern
Intern will work on all aspects of HSJ special events and hosting guests. 
Responsible for capturing great camp moments and putting together the end of session slide shows.
To take multiple 100's of pictures of campers a day and upload them online.