Eligible military families will receive the following financial incentives (incentives are based on military pay grades, and are applied directly to camp accounts):

For Olim:
(10 days, grades 1-2)
$1,000 - E-1 thru E-9
$500 - W-1 thru W-5 & O-1 thru O-3
$250 - O-4 thru O-11

For Garin/Maskilim/Talmidim:
(24 days, grades 3-9)
$2,000 - E-1 thru E-9
$1,250 - W-1 thru W-5 & O-1 thru O-3
$500 - O-4 thru O-11

For Chalutzim:
(38 days, grade 10)
$3,000 - E-1 thru E-9
$2,000 - W-1 thru W-5 & O-1 thru O-3
$1,000 - O-4 thru O-11

The Jacobs Camp Military Family Incentive is open to Jewish families with at least one parent on Active Duty in the United States Armed Forces. An individual incentive is available for each child enrolled for camp from participating families. In order to take part in the program, families must:

If this is the first time the participating child is going to Jewish sleep-away camp, the child may be eligible for a local or regional First-Time Camper Incentive of up to $1,000 - which can be used in addition to the Military Family Incentive (making the first summer at camp even more affordable). Learn more information and apply.

Participating families would be eligible for need-based financial assistance from local or regional sources (e.g. congregations, Jewish Family Service agencies, etc.), and are encouraged to apply. Please contact your Chaplain, or if you know of local agencies, contact them directly for more information.

Potential sources of camp scholarships for Jewish military families:

Resources & support for Jewish military families:

If you would like to support us in our effort to help bring children of Jewish military families to Jacobs Camp:

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