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  • What does “Olim” mean?

    What does “Olim” mean? I’m not asking for a Hebrew-to-English translation. I’m asking in a much narrower way that’s relevant only in Utica, Mississippi: what does it mean to be an Olimer? The answer to that question has come full circle for me over the last 30 years. In the summer of 1990, when my […]

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  • NFTYx Gives Rise to Fun and Festive Programs for NFTY-SO

    Hey everyone! It’s Lilah, the NFTY Southern Programming Vice President this year! We’ve had a short break in programming during September but now we’re coming back with some exciting virtual events! My position as PVP has definitely been interesting to navigate with this year’s changes, but our region has been holding up strong. I feel […]

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