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Finally, … Opening Day at Jacobs Camp!

After months and months of waiting, opening day finally arrived! Our first campers of 2018 came down Morrison Road on Sunday and our amazing staff members were at the gate to welcome them home with plenty of hugs, high-fives, and hoopla galore!

Once everyone got settled in, we wasted no time jumping right into the things we know Jacobs campers love the most – swimming, connecting with others in their unit, and eating camp’s famous delicious grilled cheese and fried chicken. Yum!

Make sure to check out this video from our first week together!

Here’s a quick rundown of what everyone’s been up to during this first week, which has been so much fun!!

  • Olim checked out our brand-new water trampoline, experimented with wacky science, played life-size games, and had terrific fun with water! They also travelled through time, competed in Maccabiah, and used their feet to draw in the art room.
  • Garin is having great fun with biking, gardening, ballet, and lots of other wonderful camp activities! Garin campers have been trying out new careers, celebrating a stuffed animal bat mitzvah, and playing the part of super-heroes.
  • Maskilim campers are loving specialty camp, where they spend two hours each day learning new skills. They’re also having fun cracking conspiracies, spying on Nadav, and dressing and styling their counselors in a garbage bag fashion show!
  • Talmidim, the oldest campers currently on site, are loving their minors and specialty camp activities. They’ve also shown their best flexing, been impractical jokers, and learned what it means to be role models for our younger campers. As always, Talmidim Tuesday was a lunchtime favorite.

In addition to each group’s individual activities and events, everyone’s getting a hearty dose of our values – wholeness, personal growth, passion, and insightfulness – every single day.

We are so excited to have had such a wonderful first week, we can’t wait for the weeks ahead, and we are thrilled to have y’all along for our stupendous ride into the best summer ever!



Jacobs Camp Director