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Week #2 and We’re in the Groove!

It’s been an exciting and amazing week at camp, and I can’t believe how quickly the days fly by. Our Olim campers have headed home and we miss them. Their absence reminds us, especially with all that goes on in our world these days, how important it is for us to treasure each moment we’re together as a community in this sacred place. At this point, everyone’s in the groove and having lots of fun, camp is amazing, this summer is shaping up to be the best one yet, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the journey we’ll share in the weeks ahead. Check out our video of some of this week’s highlights – including a visit on Monday from Jewish musician Alan Goodis and our Israel Day celebration on Thursday. Read on for all the details.

Olim campers and counselors went on their campouts, where they made banana boat desserts. You’ve never heard of a banana boat? It’s the most delicious dessert ever – bananas stuffed with chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers. Yummy! Olim also explored the lake, navigating the obstacle course, checking out the water trampoline, and packing everyone into our war canoe! Additionally, they watched a magician perform outstanding magic tricks and recreated Noah’s ark – riding in the 18-foot trailer, hanging out at Anna and Nadav’s house, and swimming in the flood, also known as the pool – all before we said our goodbyes and they headed home on Wednesday morning. We’re sad to see them go, but we know they’ll be back next summer!

Garin chose from among different activities this week, including gymnastics, archery, and making faux stained-glass art pieces. They also went on their campouts where they had to brave the elements. Although the Garin boys’ campout was moved indoors because of rain, it didn’t dampen their spirits at all. Despite wet firewood, everyone enjoyed s’mores and had a great time! The Garin girls braved intense Mississippi heat, but persevered and, like the boys, had an incredible campout experience! Everyone enjoyed bunk night, too, a special evening program during which counselors customize activities for their bunks. What a fun time!

Maskilim campers played sports, worked on teambuilding, and on Wednesday night, saved Taylor, their unit head, from zombies! They also kept busy in their specialty camp (Adventure, Sports, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, or STEM) and tried their hand at gator ball, slacklining, and making their own clay yads. Maskilim campers also explored the importance of sigsoog (personal growth), one of the four Jewish values we’re highlighting this summer. The others are shlemut (wholeness), nimrazut (passion), and tvuna (insightfulness).

Talmidim had a lip sync battle before they headed to Florida on Monday afternoon for their long-awaited trip to kayak, zip line, and inner-tube. The trip is truly a treat for Talmidim, the oldest campers, and something everyone – from Olim on up – looks forward to. They returned to camp late in the day on Thursday, just in time for the tail end of Israel Day!

As always, the hours and minutes fly when everyone’s having a terrific time and this week was proof positive that camp is humming, we’re in the groove, and our campers are enjoying the best summer ever. It’s wonderful to have everyone back home, filling these longest of summer days with so much fun, learning, and growth! (I appreciate that y’all are following along from wherever you are, keeping an eye on all the cool activities and events happening at camp and with our campers.)



Jacobs Camp Director