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Dear Jacobs Families,

I don’t want your kids to be ok at camp.

Yes, you read that correctly. My weekly countdown to Opening Day has made it to single digits, my mental packing list is growing almost daily, and I’m telling you, our incredible families, that this summer I don’t want your kids to be ok.

Instead, I want them to be adventurous. To be brave. To be creative and daring and enthusiastic beyond belief. I want them to be friendly and goofy, helpful and independent. I want them to embrace the joy they are greeted with on Opening Day, and radiate with kindness towards new faces.

I want your kids to learn new skills and make incredible memories. I want them to notice when others feel down and do what they can to uplift them. I want your kids to have open hearts, and to find peace on Shabbat and throughout the week. I want them to take pride in their quirks, set and reach new goals, and share inside jokes with their cabinmates.

I want your kids to teach me something about themselves that will make them stand out in a crowd, and to understand that the things that might make them feel different are the very ones that make them valuable.

I want to witness as they are xenial towards others, and I want them to go back to you at the end of the summer yearning to return, with a zest for the community that we will build and share within the gates that will carry them throughout the year and beyond.

So no, I don’t want your kids to be ok. I hope that at Jacobs, we can make them so much more.

Elizabeth Rosen

Creative Arts Department Head