Blog  Why Come Back to Camp?

Why Come Back to Camp?

For those who have passed through the gates of Jacobs Camp, there is no questioning the palpable magic that lives within this community. Our campers, faculty, staff, and Jacobs’ families all recognize the magnetism and love which brings us back home for our 50th summer in Mississippi. Several of our campers from Garin, Maskilim, and Talmidim shared the memories that have brought them back summer after summer, and which have sustained this community for 50 years! Here are a few examples of what inspired them to return to camp, and the feeling of being a part of this kehila kedosha.


I’ve come to camp for two summers. I wanted to come back to camp because I have made so many friends here. Yesterday on the first day it was my birthday, and all of my friends in my cabin made me cards to surprise me and helped me celebrate. It was the best birthday ever and I am so happy it was at Jacobs Camp!

     – Jac G, Garin


This is my third summer at camp. I wanted to come back because I just had so much fun in my past two years. It has been a really great experience to have all of these other Jewish kids around me having so much fun. I remember the first time I came to my cabin. I immediately made new friends and saw old ones! It was just so much fun!

     – Johnathan H, Garin


I knew I had to come back to camp for the second time because the experience was so amazing! The second I got here on my first day everyone was so happy to see me and it was so easy to make new friends. Everyone had so much energy and was excited to see me. I knew I was home!

     – Michael C, Maskilim


I remember when my sister would go to camp every year. I remember crying the whole way home and thinking to myself: ‘Why would they want to go to camp for the whole summer?’ I didn’t understand until I went to camp two years ago. It’s not about the camp. It’s about the memories and the people who make you fall in love with camp and countdown the days until you can come back the next year. One memory that stuck with me was last year when our counselor took us to the tennis courts to look up at the stars and just be together. We sat in silence for 15 minutes, but I felt like I could have sat there forever. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the world. Jacobs Camp is a truly magical place, and an essential part of who I am. I couldn’t imagine not coming back to camp.

      – Chloe B, Talmidim


Thank you to all of our amazing campers who shared a little bit of their own Jacobs magic. We can’t wait to make summer 50 the best one yet!