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HSJ Is Perfectly Imperfect


I’m a 3rd year Garin girl and I think HSJ is perfectly imperfect.

It’s my second summer at Jacobs camp I am so thrilled to be back! Sometimes, things at camp are not perfect. It can be hot, and because there are so many people doing so many things, every once in a while stuff doesn’t work how we think it will. Still, to me, that is ok, because camp is perfectly imperfect.

Our friendships last forever and camp brings us together. Even when things go wrong, being at camp makes them ok. Sometimes problems end up turning into the best camp memories, and even when we think something should go one way, an accident can turn into your favorite thing you do all summer.

Yesterday when we were going to services I noticed that they were working on repairs in the breezeway. Even though sometimes things go wrong, we always fix them. That’s one of the amazing things about camp. I know that I can trust everyone who works at camp to make sure everything is always good for campers, and because of that me and my friends always love everything about camp, even when its not perfect. As long as it is part of camp, it is perfect for us!

When I am writing this it is Shabbat and we all wear white. We each go to services with our cabins and the whole camp. The sabbath day brings us all together and we’re al wearing the same color: white. Even when Shabbat is very hot, being together with the camp community makes it all ok!

No matter what happens, shabbat and everything at camp is always perfect. Whatever happens is what is meant to be, and if it’s meant to be at HSJ, its always going to be amazing.  We’re all a big family here at Jacobs Camp, from Olim to staff, and we are all a family no matter what. You will make lifelong friendships at camp. Thats why I love HSJ so much!


-S. 3rd year Garin girl