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This week, Maskilim girls Evie and Lailah shared their thoughts on the Maskilim day trip to Jackson to pick up litter. Through their maturity and wisdom, we get a glimpse into the way they and kids just like them view our current climate crisis, and how we can step up to help them save the world.

Hi, I’m Evie and I’m Lailah, and we are Maskilim 2 campers. This year, our unit took a trip to downtown Utica to help out and clean up litter. We wanted to share this with you because it meant a lot to us to be able to help out Utica. This also connects to our 50th anniversary summer’s theme of Shomrei Adamah — protecting the earth. Being able to pick up the litter in Utica enabled us to provide a small helping hand in making an impact on this world. We know we can’t clean up the whole earth, but it means a lot to be able to make even a small difference. Even though you might not want to, a small step to the recycling instead of going to a trashcan or littering can make a big impact. If you want this world to be a better place for the next generation, the next time you go to throw something away, make the choice to find a recycling bin. We really want to see the world not covered in trash! We need to do our part in making sure our planet is healthy for the future. People in the past generations didn’t necessarily need to think about this stuff. Now it is our job to think about it, and care, and make a difference. Always do you part. Even something so small will make a bigger difference than you could imagine. As two twelve year old kids, we can’t fix this world on our own. We need your help. If you see trash on the sidewalk, throw it away. If you have something to throw out, try to recycle it. Make choices that will help our planet. As Jewish people, it is our obligation to take care of the world we were given, and repair it for future generations.

Thank you again to Lailah and Evie for your insightful and inspiring words!