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Growing up and working at Jacobs Camp, I have had the privilege to experience the Jacobs Magic in a variety of ways for nearly 2 decades. Currently, I am humbled to serve on camp’s year-round team as one of our Assistant Directors. In the non-summer months, the year-round team travels across our region; engaging with our families in small and large Jewish communities. Whether it is working with a new family starting their Jacobs Camp journey in Northwest Arkansas or continuing to bring the camp joy to a family in Pensacola, Florida, we strive to spread the Jacobs Magic across the Deep South.

In an effort to celebrate the Jacobs Magic, we are so excited to share the results of the Summer 2019 Camper Satisfaction Index (CSI). This in-depth, family survey was led by the Foundation for Jewish Camp and was conducted by the Summation Research Group. The feedback from the CSI helps the Jacobs Camp team evaluate our performance in comparison to previous years, as well as hundreds of Jewish camps across North America. Jacobs Camp started collecting data from the CSI in 2017 and every year since then, we have been able to improve the summer camp experience for our campers and their families!

We all know how important Jacobs Camp is to those that have come through our gates. Now, let’s see what the data says!

  • Welcome Home! – 95% of respondents* to the survey indicated that their child felt a sense of home, family, and community from their summer at Jacobs Camp. When we say, “Welcome Home” on Opening Day, we mean it!
  • Jewish Identity in the Deep South – Among the highest scores in the country, over 90% of our families noted that Jacobs Camp builds Jewish identity and reinforces Jewish values in our campers. We are proud to continue our legacy as a place that Southern Jews feel at home and connected to their Judaism!
  • Camp Friends are the Best Friends – The majority of our families stated that the environment and community at Jacobs Camp facilitated friendships for their child. We have always said, “camp is big enough to make a new friend everyday and small enough where everyone knows you name.”
  • Becoming Our Best Selves – The majority of our families feel that Jacobs Camp builds their camper’s self-confidence and sense of independence. We know that camp is an incredible opportunity to help a young person discover who they are, and we strive to foster a place that allows all campers to grow and prosper.
  • Leadership – The Jacobs Camp Leadership scored well above the national average. We take great pride in knowing that our Director, Anna Herman, scored as one of the best in the country. Our year-round team is so proud to work at camp and is relentlessly passionate about the responsibility we hold. We work tirelessly to create the best summer ever, every summer!
  • Heard of Us? – This metric belongs to our incredible families. Jacobs Camp scored above the national average on a parent’s likelihood to recommend camp to family and friends. We are so appreciative of the support we receive in the Deep South and across the entire country. Thank you for making Jacobs Camp what it is!

While the data from this year’s CSI survey was impressive, the quotes from our parents help tell a more complete story. See some of our favorites below!

“Attending Henry S. Jacobs Camp is an amazing, life changing experience for my child. She loved it and we are grateful for the opportunity for her to attend. Henry S. Jacobs Camp is a welcoming, warm, and loving community. My child loves Jacobs Camp and its presence is an amazing way for her to learn more about her Jewish identity because she lives in a community with no other Jewish children her age.”

“Jacobs Camp is an integral, important part of all of our lives, and will continue to be our summer home for many years. Jacobs Camp is an incredible experience for [our daughter]. She is building strong, lasting Jewish friendships with girls who live far away from her. Attending Jacobs Camp increases her self-confidence, builds independent character, and teaches her how to solve problems. There is no question Jacobs Camp has been an incredibly positive experience for [our daughter].”

“So grateful for all the hard work that goes into ensuring my kids have the best summer ever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! My kids absolutely love coming home to Jacobs every summer. They adore their counselors, staff, and cabin mates. Their Jewish identity, self-confidence, and independence have been strengthened because of Jacobs Camp. Anna’s leadership in unparalleled! Her passion, intention, and warmness are infectious. Jacobs Camp is fortunate to have Anna leading the way!”

Take it from our campers and our families, the Jacobs Magic is real! The memories, friendships, and experiences go beyond a summer or a year – they last a lifetime!


*In 2019, a representative group of 95 families completed the CSI survey for Jacobs Camp.

Joshua Posner grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has spent summers at Jacobs Camp his entire life. Joshua started his Jacobs Camp journey as a camper and then served as a counselor (best job EVER), Sports Department Head, and CIT Director. As an Assistant Director, Joshua is so excited to share his passion for summer camping and his love of Judaism with our region.