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Dear Anna,

After Thanksgiving, I flew home with my family from Little Rock to Denver. We were waiting for our bags and I saw a bag that looked like a bag that I take to Jacobs Camp. I asked my mom if that bag reminded her of anything. She said, “yes, of course.” I then asked, “Does anyone here know what Jacobs Camp is other than my family?”  A few minutes later, my mom called me over and she said, “this is a person who went to Jacobs Camp! Her name is Gayle Mink and lives in Lakewood, Colorado.” I was shocked. I thought no one would know about Jacobs Camp!  It makes me feel happy when I think about Jacobs Camp and meet other people in Colorado who also went to Jacobs Camp.


Elin G

Elin is a Jacobs Camper living outside of the Deep South region in Colorado. She shared this lovely story with Director Anna Herman in December 2019.