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Knowing that I am not able to go to camp this summer has not been easy. Thinking about what could have been another amazing year of Jacobs Magic still sometimes makes me tear up.  Whenever I remember that I will have to wait another year to go through the HSJ gates and be welcomed home, I remind myself that I will always have my camp family. The bonds I have made at camp are friendships that will last forever and never be forgotten. I’m lucky I have a place I’m able to care so much about, and this summer I’m going to miss Jacobs Camp with all of my heart.  

Jacobs camp is a special place that is unlike anywhere else on this planet, and there is not a thing I will not miss.I’m going to miss going to the art room, swimming, meals, the cabins, Maccabiah, Shabbat and so much more! But it will be the people I miss the most. I am lucky to have a Jacobs Camp family because most people don’t get to ever experience the love, friendships and understanding that Jacobs Camp has made for me and my fellow campers.


The first time I heard the words camp was canceled I couldn’t believe it. It gave me fear. Those 24 hours after I heard camp was canceled I thought and thought the same thing… how could there possibly be no camp? I played those words in my head at least 100 times. I thought of my best moments at camp for a while. The fun with friends, amazing activities, and Shabbat.

One of my favorite parts is definitely Shabbat. I thought of how we came together as one big family those nights. We had fun, we sang, and ate amazing food. At camp these amazing moments are something I will never forget. Camp has always been a second home for me. And will always be. Those three and a half weeks for me are definitely the top moments of my life. Every summer I have been at camp I have never ever said the word I am bored. Because, one thing I have learned from my experience at camp is that there will never be a place so magical.


Ellie and Megan are long-time Jacobs Campers. Ellie would have been in Talmidim and Megan would have been in Garin this summer.