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Home » The Future of Jacobs Camp is Bright: Summer 2021 Recruitment

I’m Melissa Bloomfield, the new Recruitment Committee Chair for the Jacobs Camp Committee.

Like many of you, Jacobs Camp is a place that means a lot to me and my family. In the summers I spent at camp, both as a camper and a staff member, I found friends who remain some of the most important people in my life. Also like many of you, sending my own children to Jacobs has been nothing short of magical – even for my husband, who, as he says “married into it”. Our family lives for the excitement leading up to the summer and we love connecting with old and new friends on Opening Day.

I think selling the Jacobs experience is easy. Anyone who has spent their summers at camp can remember the joy of the nervous, yet exciting feeling of driving down Morrison Road, the energy of Opening Day, the smell of fried chicken, the sounds of Shabbat song session, and most importantly the sheer delight of being with friends with whom you can be your most true self.

But, like many things this year, recruiting campers for next summer is certainly going to look different. That said, the need to come together as a Jacobs family has never been stronger. We are so fortunate to have a camp leadership team that is hard at work creating new and innovative ways for our families to connect with Jacobs Camp between now and next summer, while also making plans to bring our children the best summer ever next year.

While it can feel a bit shaky to make plans this time of uncertainty, there is one really hopeful thing that we can do as a camp community and that is to get excited about and register for Summer 2021!