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At the Kabbalat Shabbat after camp was cancelled, I spoke about the importance of our community. I said “We work together, we play together, and sometimes we grieve together.”

These past weeks have dealt a little of each.

I cannot address our camp community without noting the loss of Roger Hirsch. Roger’s death leaves a hole in our community that affects so many. I cried during his funeral. But, I smiled during the shiva minyan that evening. That night, Roger and Leslie’s camp friends came together to remember Roger with beautiful and funny anecdotes about his life. Many of those stories centered around camp. Gatherings like these always highlight for me the special nature of the Jacobs Camp community. We are here for each other and we support each other. Always.

Jacob Fijman, our Development Manager, said something to me that describes us perfectly. “Jacobs Camp is more than the 2 months out of the year. We are here for our community year-round!”

This notion is exhibited (unfortunately, quite regularly) by our involvement in supporting our HSJ family members impacted by the recent hurricanes. Right before each storm, Anna and her team review campers and their families, alumni, and donors who are likely to be affected. Immediately after the storm impacts their area, we reach out to each and determine how Camp can best assist. Staff members, lay leaders and community members alike have jumped into action in a variety of ways to help out where needed. That is what a community does – we work together.

Finally, I need to mention registration. WOW!!! Our registration numbers are higher than I have ever seen them! Several units are already sold out. It seems that kids (and parents) are ready for us to open the gates. I assure you, we are ready too! Our campers are eager to get back to playing together! If you have not registered yet, please do it before we are completely sold out. If you want to discuss it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Anna and me. Believe me, we are ALWAYS happy to talk about camp!

Thank you so much for being a part of our community.