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On the Road to Welcome Home, we wanted to hear what some of our campers are most excited about for next summer! Take a listen!

Camper 50 & 51

Eden: “I’m most excited about going on the Blob and I’m also excited to make new friends!

Norah: “I’m most excited to play with my old friends and go in the pool and jump on the blob and eat dinner!

Camper 100

Joey: “Hi, it’s me Joey. I’m so happy I got registered for camp. Some things I’m looking forward to doing is seeing my friends and my counselors again. Seeing all the chickens again. Like Chocolate and Buttercup and Oreo. And being able to see everyone again. And being able to see the dogs again. And just being able to go the lake and the pool. And it’s going to be really fun, because that’s what Jacobs Camp is about. It’s having the best time.

Camper 101

Jacey: “Hey y’all, It’s Jacey. I’m so excited to be registered for Summer 2021! I can’t wait to be with my friends in the only other place that I call home. Camp friends really are the best friends. Even though we weren’t in Utica this summer, we still made loads of camp memories. At home we made challah, had a virtual bunk, and made a slip ‘n slide in our front yard.

Justin: Hey Joey?

Joey: Hey What?

Justin: What did Lake Gary say to the JPAC?

Joey: I don’t know, what?

Justin: Nothing! It just “waved”.

Joey: Hey Justin?

Justin: Hey what?

Joey: Why didn’t the elephant bring a suitcase to Jacobs Camp?

Justin: I don’t know, why?

Joey: Because it already had a “trunk”!

Jarret: Hey, what’s with the jokes? Registering for Jacobs Camp 2021 is no joke!

Camper 102

Justin: “Hey guys it’s Justin. I can’t wait to finally go back to camp. I’m going to finally be able to participate in specialty camp since it’s my first year in Maskilim. I can’t wait to see my friends again. And I can’t wait to be eating the delicious fried chicken again!”

Joey: “Hey, not Anna’s chickens!”

Joey: “Take it from the “Lane Train”! Don’t waste a minute getting registered for Summer 2021 at HSJ! Bye!”

Camper 250

Bennett: “I’m most looking forward to playing music, doing the water obstacle course, and making new friends.

Camper 251

Hayes: “I’m most excited about seeing my camp friends and Shabbat.

Camper 252

Jack: “I’m most looking forward to Maccabiah and seeing my camp friends again.