Blog  4th Night Memories – Meeting the Love of My Life Outside the Dining Hall

4th Night Memories – Meeting the Love of My Life Outside the Dining Hall

My first summer at Jacobs Camp was first session in 1973 as a camper in Cabin 1.  Little did I know that in 1979, I would meet the love of my life, Dub Ashner, on the road in front of the dining hall.  We would grow up, get married surrounded by our Camp friends, and have three children who would all share our love of Jacobs Camp.

When I was asked to serve as chair of the Camp Committee, I was so thrilled and honored to be able to give back to the organization that had been so ingrained in my life for so many years.  Jacobs Camp, like the oil in the lamp that lasted for eight days, is a miracle because its light has now shined on thousands of Jewish children, young adults, and “older” adults like myself.  Jacobs Camp is a place where lifelong friendships are born, Jewish identities are built, and the experience of “living Jewishly” comes to life.  I don’t know of anywhere else where all these things can happen all at once!

 I have so many memories of special times with my friends, my counselors, my campers, my husband, and my own children behind those famous gates.  I am so grateful for the miracle that is Jacobs Camp!

Joel Yuspeh Ashner served as the Chair of the Camp Committee from 2003-2007. Joel and her husband, Dub, live in Germantown, TN.