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I didn’t go to Jacobs Camp until I was 13. I joined the camp family late, but I eventually decided to “see what all the fuss was about”. Talmidim was my first summer, and I had absolutely no expectations, but  after my first hour at camp, I surprisingly felt like I had been there forever.  

Fast forward a couple years when I had the opportunity to be on staff. I was so nervous. But just like my first summer as a camper, I decided to “give it a try”. When it came time for the campers to arrive, I wasn’t sure about my ability to be a counselor; however, my anxiety disappeared quickly. My campers were amazing, which showed me that I loved being a counselor – AND I actually felt like I was doing a good job!

I learned so much about myself during that first year on staff. I learned that I actually like working! My productivity was through the roof, because I felt so much purpose as a counselor. I learned how much I value people and community. After two years of online school as an only child, being at camp helped make up for all the social interaction I missed. 

As you can see, Jacobs Camp stands out as one of the most important experiences to me – especially with everything going on now. I look back at my summer as a camp counselor and realize that I am the best version of myself at camp. The sense of belonging to the camp community has been so important this past year. As coronavirus stalled my plans for a gap year and moved my first year of college online, I feel grateful to be part of the camp community, and I now fully understand the importance Jacobs Camp holds for so many people like me.

When I’m feeling hopeless, I am able to remember camp – a place where things are good, nature is beautiful, people are loving and nurturing, and I thrive. 

I look forward to as many years on staff as possible, so I can continue to create magical experiences for our campers and continue being the best version of myself! 

Hannah B. is a veteran staff member looking forward to returning to camp for her second year on staff.

If you are interested in joining Hannah to create incredible experiences for our campers this summer, please complete an application at