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When we ask parents what the strengths of Jacobs Camp are, they overwhelmingly respond: “the impact the staff has on my child.” We wanted to share with you other quotes from camp parents about how much camp means to their family, and the impact the staff make in creating the Jacobs Magic.

“Jacobs is my daughter’s home away from home. She loves her friends and counselors every year. It is definitely her happy place.”

“My kids absolutely love coming home to Jacobs every summer. They adore their counselors, staff, and cabin mates. Their Jewish identity, self-confidence, and independence have been strengthened because of Jacobs Camp.”

“The energy and enthusiasm really affected my daughter and gave her such a positive experience!!  The staff and organization in general is awesome!!”

“The staff this summer was exceptional!”

“HSJ provides our child with amazing Jewish role models in a safe, loving environment that fosters independence and leadership skills.”

“His best of 3 summers was 2019. The counselors were incredible.”

“The camp provides a sense of security and excitement for my daughter.  She is looking up to her counselors as strong female role models and I love that!!!”

“Jacobs Camp is a special place for our daughter. She continues to gain more and more friends each summer that she attends. She loved the counselors this summer. The leadership at camp is phenomenal and truly cares about each and every camper.”

“Jacobs Camp is truly a special place. Our son is in it for the long haul – it means so much to him and he cannot wait to be a counselor one day! He feels so connected to his counselors and views them as role models.”

“We thought this would be a one-year experience. Now he is talking about being on staff! I don’t know what the special sauce of Jacobs is, but we have never seen our son so invested in friendships. It’s beautiful.”

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