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Calling all HSJ alumni! We need your help to recruit an outstanding cohort of HSJ counselors and staff this summer. In a world where college students feel intense pressure to choose between camp and internship experience beyond Utica, let’s help them have both! Help attract the best counselors we can over the summer by guaranteeing them career experience during the academic year. We need our camp counselors to know that HSJ can give them camp AND the career opportunities and networks they need.  

As we all know, so much of the Jacobs Magic happens because of the counselors. We all remember those favorite counselors–the ones who taught us their college fight song, the ones who made us laugh with their Letter Day skits, the ones who sang the loudest at Song Session, and the ones who sat with us when we were homesick. 

We saw first-hand the creativity, the energy, the enthusiasm and the hard work that went into being on staff at HSJ. Let’s help recruit a team of staff with the same qualities for this upcoming summer. 

We’re introducing the Alumni Mentorship and Internship Program. HSJ is offering rising college students (rising sophomores and above) year-round internship and mentorship opportunities. This program will connect staff members with their career building aspirations. Do you want to dazzle wide-eyed college students with the wonders of your chosen career path? Do you want to impart hours of sage advice to a captive audience? Do you need the perspective and go-getter instincts of a college junior (who’s also great at cabin songs and lunchtime skits) in your work? Or do you want to do your part to ensure your kids have the best counselors possible this summer? 

If you’re interested in serving as an intern supervisor, a mentor, or a connector*, please fill out this form

*If you can connect us with another outstanding mentorship/internship supervisor who DID NOT attend HSJ, please email Clare (Levy) Clarke to let us know.