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During the darkest moments of last year, I dreamt about opening day—and now that we’re almost there, real life is proving so much sweeter than any of those dreams.

Y’all know I’m rarely at a loss for words, but I will never have the right words—or enough words—to tell you how much it means to me that I’m not dreaming now. Our community finally and really is coming back together.

With just a few days to go until we fling open those gates, I’ve already watched my former campers as first-time staffers; caught a glimpse of some incredible Jacobs Magic; and witnessed the love, care, and gratitude displayed by our entire staff as they planned and prepared to welcome our campers home!

Nadav and I live here at camp year-round, and like you, we’ve been anticipating this summer for two full years. Watching the transformation in the weeks since Ms. Jo Ann walked through the gate and the rest of the staff followed has been unbelievably exciting, and we can’t wait to launch the summer of 2021 officially in only two short days. Of course, there’s no doubt things will be different this year, but nothing, and I mean nothing, can spoil the fact that we’ll be together having fun and making Jacobs Magic!

I’m so grateful to so many people for helping us get to this point—most especially to our donors for allowing us to keep dreaming and innovating and planning for this precise (and precious) moment. Shout-outs, too, to Jacob and Sarah and Nadav and Tamisa, and a special shout-out and warmest of welcomes to Carolyn, our new associate director.

We’re prepped and primed and ready to welcome our Jacobs campers through the gates. Then comes the hardest part, at least for me: waiting on the COVID test results. Once they’re in, though, the hugging—and the best summer ever— officially can begin. Especially this year, I know we’re going to do great things together!


Jacobs Camp Director