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Maskilim Unit Head

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Josh Balkin

Hi! I am Josh Balkin and I am from New Orleans. I am so excited to be the Maskilim unit head this summer! I was a 10 year camper (plus Kochavim) and this will be my 5th summer on staff. In past summers I have been a counselor, bike specialist and Solelim advisor, as well as the Kochavim unit head. I just graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics and following the summer I will be moving to Dallas to start my career as a private asset analyst. Jacobs camp is my favorite place in the world and I am thrilled to be able to spend another summer here.

Maskilim Boy Counselors

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Mason Gilbert

I’m Mason (Mo) Gilbert and I’m from Memphis, TN. I’m 18 years old and am attending Purdue for a genetics major starting this fall. During the year, I’ve played soccer for my high school for two years, and focused on academics for the other two years. I spend a lot of my time talking to friends or playing video games. I’ve been at camp for 10 years now and I hope to play the role of the counselor that all the campers like. I haven’t done any direct volunteer work, but rather I’ve been president of MeFTY for two years now. Through MeFTY, we’ve been able to help other communities as well as our own.

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Danny Leader

My name is Danny Leader, I’m a 20-year-old junior at Florida State University studying biology. I spent 9 years at camp as a camper and a year in training. I generally spend my free time cooking, watching nature documentaries, and learning Jiu-jitsu. It’s my first time back at camp in a while so I’m super excited to finally get to be a counselor!  

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Evan Levine

Hi, my name is Evan Levine, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Bentonville, Arkansas. I graduated from Thaden School this year, and next year I plan to move to Toronto to work in the film and photography industry. I was a camper at Jacobs Camp for 9 years, and I am really excited for my first year on staff.

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Benjamin Sutin

Hi, my name is Benjamin Sutin and I have lived in San Antonio Texas my whole life. I love to read and be outdoors and I have played baseball for my school or a club team for as long as I can remember. This year at camp I am going to be a counselor and a lifeguard. This is my first year working at camp Jacobs but I went to a very similar camp in Texas called Greene Family Camp for about ten years. During the year I am an avid volunteer at the San Antonio food bank and I have spent multiple summers working with various volunteer organizations helping people in need.

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Eli Goldman

My name is Eli Goldman, I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. I went to camp for 7 years and this will be my first year on staff. I will be a counselor this summer, but when I am at home I work in a restaurant. In my free time, I am either, playing video games, playing my guitar/bass, or talking to friends. Camp has had a huge part of my life, and I know if I hadn’t gone to camp as a kid my life would be drastically different.

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Gavriel Moshe

My name is Gavriel, and this is my first summer on staff at Jacobs Camp, but not my first summer attending summer camp! I love acting in my community theatre. I can’t wait to do a lot of artistic and creative activities with all of the campers!