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I Miss You, But I Will Miss Camp More

The night before the 2nd session of camp started, and we were putting our 8-year-old first-time camper to bed, she looked at my wife Nicole and I and said, “ I’m not ready…I need a few more days at home before I go.”

To be fair, while I went to many camps growing up, I never attended Jacobs. I am from Memphis and live in New Orleans. Many of my friends grew up attending Jacobs every summer. I would hear the stories about the friendships they made, and the fun times they had. I’ll give my wife Nicole credit, she was the one that signed Piper up for camp.

Like many parents of first-time campers, we had nerves and concerns about how our kid is going to like camp…it’s natural right? When Piper left I promised to write to her every day, and via CampInTouch (which is fantastic) we have done just that.

Anna asked me to write this blog post because I have been emailing her the comments Piper has been sending to me in her letters…so here we go:

The first hint she was doing well was when we got this comment in letter 1: “I’m so happy to be with my friend Caroline (she and her family moved away from New Orleans to Pittsburgh last year). You were right Dad…I barely miss you and I don’t want to come home”

“I’m having fun. I want to stay at Jacobs and I don’t want to go on our family trip”

“Hi Daddy…I’m having so much fun! I miss Bear (our dog) more than you”

“Hi Daddy…I love you but I don’t miss you and I don’t want to come home”

The last one we got was: “ I like black beans and apple pie now. I’m brushing my teeth. I’m not coming home”

Congratulations on a great summer to all the staff. Two weeks ago, she wasn’t ready to leave us. Now, she doesn’t want to come home. Thanks alot Anna!

Jason and Nicole Adler

P.S. She also wrote to us to say she now likes banana pudding…and the ‘secret ingredient’ is vanilla wafers. So please don’t tell anyone about the ‘secret ingredient’!

About the Author

Jason and Nicole A.

Jason, Nicole are Piper live in New Orleans, LA. Piper cannot wait to go back to Jacobs Camp next summer for Garin!


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