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A Parent’s Summer 2021 Jacobs Magic Experience

We talk a lot about the Jacobs magic, but sometimes it’s hard to define. Read on to hear how one parent witnessed the Jacobs magic in action this summer. 

Steven* had the most magical and transformative time at Jacobs Camp!! His experience has exceeded even my vast imagination. He was texting his new group of friends all the way home from camp and has stayed in contact with all of his cabin mates :)!  I am so thrilled that he wants to come back next summer – it is all he has talked about.  

As you may know, we moved to a new town and new school in 2020 where Steven knew none of the kids. Then he was bullied repeatedly at the new school causing him to feel even more isolated and depressed. We both had Covid last October and a hurricane that interrupted school and work, so I was really really hoping that Jacobs Camp would help get my happy outgoing boy back – and you DID!!!  

I cannot express how utterly grateful I am to Jacobs Camp and all of the staff and campers! He talked of you often and loved his counselors. One of them even called to check on him afterwards and that meant the world to him. He absolutely loves his new school that he changed to, and he can’t wait to come back to Jacobs Camp for “the best year ever”! 

Thank you for being a part of this life-changing experience for my child.  It has made all the difference.”

*Name changed

About the Author

Steven’s* Mom

Steven* was a first time camper at Jacobs Camp from a small town in the Jacobs region. Steven looks forward to attending Jacobs Camp in Summer 2022 for another life-changing summer.


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