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Jacobs Camp is My Home

I have always thought about a certain question for the past year or so. Why do I want to go back to camp?

And the answer is Jacobs is my home!

When I think about it, it always can guarantee a smile because I can recall so many happy memories. From Maccabiah, to going down the Wet Willie, and racing my friends to the lake. To be honest right now I can’t imagine my life without camp, and how I got to connect with my family, and make friends. I have missed the people who welcome you in when you enter the camp and how kind everyone is. And Saturday mornings eating lucky charms for the first time and watching cartoons, and hearing on and on laughter from everyone.

This past year I had my bat mitzvah and all I could think about was how camp helped me connect to my Jewish heritage. At Jacobs camp, I learned Hebrew along with Israeli dances. I learned why being Jewish is so important to me. I learned so many new things like how to rock climb at the pool, and how to be a better swimmer.

The past year has been difficult due to my bat mitzvah, school, and Covid. I remember crying when I left, and complaining when I got home that I wanted to go back already. Honestly I could not ask for a better camp.

I toured a new camp this year in interest that I wanted to go. I was very nervous and when I stepped in I could already sense that it was definitely not Jacobs Camp. Of course, nothing will ever be Jacobs but this camp didn’t feel like home. I quickly realized that I could not go there because not only was this not Jacobs, but it was not my home.

Jacobs raised me and helped me so much in life. I had my first dances there on Friday night Shabbat. My last Friday Shabbat there I cried so much. Hugging all my friends and not wanting to ever leave. I wanted to stay there – live there if I could. I have to say that I never had a source of belonging till I went there. I love how they have skits and make everyone laugh, I think that’s what I miss most. I have never laughed more in my life.

Jacobs is not just a place, it’s a home, it’s a family. It’s a place that I have looked forward to going back after not being there for 4 years. I went for 3 summers and those were my highlights of summer. I have so many memories and can’t wait to make more!

About the Author

Riley P.

Riley has been a camper at Jacobs for 3 years prior to taking a short leave of absence due to family trips!  She is beyond excited to come back and see friends and everything that camp has to offer!  Maccabiah is one of her favorite all time events as well as… well everything!


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Thank You 2022 Donors!

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