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Mitzvah Projects Make Jacobs Magic

The whole value of a benevolent deed lies in the love that inspires it. – Talmud: Sukkah

Love inspires many of our amazing campers who are becoming B’nai Mitzvahs to use this important time in their lives to support the place they love so much: Jacobs Camp.

I am always astounded by how thoughtful each B’nai Mitzvah is about their decision to create a Mitzvah Project fundraiser for camp. Their reasoning is so profound.

“Jacobs has influenced me in so many positive ways from my Jewish values to making me a better person every day. I want to be able to share this experience with other Jewish kids to help them make lifelong memories as well.” – Sydney

“Getting to go to camp is an experience that everyone should get, so raising money to let other kids go to camp is exactly what I wanted.” – Mica

Through B’nai Mitzvah Fundraisers, our campers have raised thousands of dollars that go directly to helping Jacobs Camp provide scholarships for families who need extra financial assistance to attend camp. 

It’s so powerful to see current Jacobs Campers making it possible for future Jacobs Campers to experience the Jewish Joy and Jacobs Magic of a summer at camp! 

If you or your soon-to-be B’nai Mitzvah is interested in supporting Jacobs Camp through a Mitzvah Project Fundraiser, email me at and check out Sydney’s and Mica’s fundraisers for inspiration.

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Jacob Fijman

Jacob Fijman is the Development Director at Henry S. Jacobs Camp. Jacob is the proud owner of a 5-year staff jacket, enjoys grilled cheese/tomato soup lunch, and wishes Kibbutz was still a thing when he was at camp.


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