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Being Camp Nurse Brings Family Joy

In 2012, I came to Jacobs to be the camp nurse for a week. Being a camp nurse was not new to me. I first went to be a Camp Nurse at a summer camp in Wisconsin in 1995. That was special, as it was the camp I grew up going to and my two oldest kids went there as well. However, that’s because I didn’t know about a place called URJ Henry S Jacobs Camp!

My husband went to Jacobs as did my two youngest kids. From the moment I set foot on the campgrounds, I was caught up in the Jacobs Magic. Yes, it may sound corny, but it’s true nonetheless. This place is so special. I couldn’t wait for my grandson to experience it.

When Anna asked me to come for Kochavim Spring, I of course agreed and asked if my 5 year old grandson could join me. She said yes and agreed that he could join the youngest boys cabin during activities.

To see the pure joy on my grandson’s face as he experienced camp for the first time was amazing. Watching him play Gaga, seeing him dance with all of the other kids with complete abandon, watching him make friends and even seeing his sweet pout when he had to leave was more than I could have asked for. To be able to give him the gift of camp is without a doubt the best gift I could ever hope to give him.

So L’dor V’dor – from generation to generation the magic continues. I hope the Jacobs Magic always continues and that he one day will experience this through his grandchildren’s eyes.

About the Author

Jody Robinson

Jody Robinson is a nurse at Ascension St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL. LOVES the salad bar at camp and has 4 kids and 3 grandkids, all of whom, except the 2 year old have now spent time enjoying camp!