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What Do I Love about Camp?

What do I love about camp?… well everything, but here are a few of my favorite things.

My name is Rachel, and I have been going to camp for 6 summers, and this will be my 7th and final summer as a camper because I am going to be in Chalutzim. My experience at camp has honestly been like no other, because every year I leave, thinking to myself, “there’s absolutely no way, next summer can be better than this one,” and every year I return, it’s better than the last. Jacobs Camp is a very special place where everyone is basically family by the time we leave. Every year, I get so excited to see Anna, Nadav, all of my friends, and especially, my counselors, for that year and previous years. It makes camp a special place, because I only get to go back, once a year.

Some of my favorite activities are swimming, art, acting, adventuring, celebrating Shabbat, and celebrating my friends’ birthdays. When it comes to swimming, we have the lake and the pool, and my favorite part about the lake is that just about every year, they add something new to the lake, but in order to do that, camp needs funds, which is where you guys come in. Thanks to your generous gifts, activities, like messy night, trips, rib night, art, and many others are possible.

We really need your help, so please, if you can donate to the Passion and Partnership Campaign, it will mean a lot to not just me, but to all of the campers. It will also mean a lot to the staff and volunteers, like my dad, who visits as the camp nurse. Thank you so much in advance, and I hope you consider donating.

About the Author

Rachel D.

Rachel is from Nashville, TN, and has been going to camp for 6 summers, and this will be her 7th summer. She loves seeing her camp friends, riding the wet willy, jumping on the blob, climbing the obstacle course, doing the aqua climb, participating in Maccabiah, doing art, and flying on the zip line. This picture shows Rachel with her brother and a few friends during Maccabiah, her first summer at camp.