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6 Ways To Stay In Touch – Summer 2022

Whether your camper is joining us for their first summer at camp, or their tenth, we know how important it is to stay in touch. With that in mind, here are the 5 best ways to keep up with everything happening at HSJ and stay in touch with your camper!

1. Subscribe to the Jacobs Camp Blog

On the camp blog, you’ll find regular posts written by staff members, visiting faculty, guests, and even campers! Be sure to subscribe here or bookmark this page so you can check back each day around lunch time for new posts.

2. Read the Daily Jacobs Journal

Every day, we post a bit about what’s going on at camp here in the Jacobs Journal. You can see what we are serving in the dining hall, who is celebrating a birthday, and a little highlight of our daily programs!

3. Follow @urjjacobscamp on Facebook and Instagram

Follow us on your favorite social media platforms! This is a great way to see more of what’s going on every day at camp. Through these accounts, we will share photos, links to new blog posts, and occasional live updates or livestreams of major events.

4. View photos of camp happenings via your the Campanion App

Every day, we post camp photos to our CampInTouch photo albums, that you can view most easily in Campanion App, which you can download from your phone’s app store. This app also provides the option to be alerted when a photo of your child appears during the session using facial recognition technology. Once you download the Campanion app, you can log in using the same credentials as your CampInTouch account, and follow the instructions to set up facial recognition and push notifications.

This is the same CampInTouch website that your family already used to register for camp. We know how popular these photo albums are, and we ask you to please keep the following in mind as you view the photos:

  • First and foremost, if there is any issue that would require contacting a parent, we will always call you right away! If you do not see a photo of your child one day, please don’t be concerned.
  • The CampInTouch service is meant to be a bonus for our families, and a fun window into our day-to-day activities. We love being able to provide photos each day, but this is absolutely secondary to other camp operations, especially this summer with all of the extra precautions we will be taking to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • We will NOT be taking a photograph of every child every day, and we cannot guarantee how often any camper will appear in photos. The primary purpose of sharing daily photos is for families to see the kinds of activities your child is participating in, not to see a picture of your child every day.
  • There is not a set time every day when we guarantee photos will be uploaded, so please be patient.
  • Photos are only a split-second view of an experience that has millions of moments – so please don’t be concerned if you see your child looking less than happy!

5. Write Letters & Email your camper

We ensure that all campers write home at least 3 times each week, and we know they absolutely love receiving letters from family and friends too!

Since the mail has been especially slow lately, we suggest using the CampInTouch email system to send letters to your camper, which is also available via your Campanion app. Once you send an email to your camper through this system, it will be printed and given to them the following day at rest hour. There is also the option to provide a “return” email sheet, on which your camper can write you back. The response is scanned and emailed to you via your CampInTouch account. If you plan to use this option, please tell your camper in advance, so they will recognize the blank sheet when they see it.

Here is how to address traditional letters and post cards to your camper. You will receive your camper’s cabin # via email the afternoon of Opening Day.
Camper’s Name – Cabin #
Henry S. Jacobs Camp
3863 Morrison Road
Utica, MS 39175
As a reminder, we have a no-package policy at camp. You can read more about this in your CampInTouch account.

6. Give us a call

As always, if you have questions or concerns specific to your child, please contact camp directly at 601-885-6042. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us here at camp with any questions or concerns throughout the summer.

We can’t wait to connect with you this summer!


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