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Jo Ann Voigt – Summer Office Manager

I’m 79 years young and living the good ‘semi-retired’ life, in Ft Worth, TX. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, going to concerts, and working part time for Edward Jones, in the offseason. I volunteer at my church and with the Salvation Army, Angel Tree. I have been working at HSJ since 2016, and my current title is Summer Office Manager. I love HSJ and all the wonderful staff I’ve met, from all over the world. Note.. after meeting this marvelous group of young people, I feel good knowing that the world to come is in good hands.

Aaron Goldstein – Operations Manager

I am from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and just graduated from the University of Alabama. I will be the operations manager this summer. This will be my 6th summer at camp and 4th summer on staff. During the year, I enjoy waterskiing, kayaking, and climbing. I can’t wait for another great summer at HSJ!

Julia Barnum – Health Center Administrator

My name is Julia and I’m from Atlanta. I live in New Orleans and just graduated from Tulane University with majors in Public Health, International Development, and Psychology. This will be my second summer at camp as the health center administrator.

Zoe Cole – Community Care Team

My name is Zoe Cole and I am from Jackson, MS. I am currently in college as an Elementary Education Major. During the school year, I work as a teacher’s assistant while pursuing my degree. This is my 6th year at Jacobs Camp and my very first year as a staff member. I have volunteered with my temple at soup kitchens as well as volunteered at the Ann Smith Elementary extracurricular events.

Katie Lichter – Director of Photography

My name is Katie Lichter and this fall, I will be entering my final year at the University of Texas at Austin studying Design. This summer will be my 7th year at camp (3 as a camper and 4 on staff) and I will be serving as the Director of Photography. Outside of camp, I have spent my last year working as a Marketing Design Intern for Candidly and have a strong interest in graphic design, social media management, and sports design. In my free time, I like to play video games, take naps, and spend time with my cat. I am so excited for this summer here at Jacob’s Camp and am looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces!

Alejandro Ariza Ramirez – Video Specialist

Hi! I’m from Colombia and this is my second year at camp! I’m so excited to return! I am the Video Specialist! I enjoy dancing, listening to music, meeting new people and learning about their culture. If you want to learn Spanish here I am! 🙂

Desha Avila Solis – Lead Visual Arts Specialist

Hi! I live in Puebla City, Mexico, I’m soon to finish my bachelor degree in Communication and I also work as a freelance graphic designer during the year. I’m excited to work at Jacobs Camp for my 3rd year and this time I’ll be the cooking specialist so I’m looking forward to having fun with the kids while learning some basic cooking skills.

Fernando Cervantes Morales – Lead Sports Specialist

I am Fernando and I’m from Mexico. For the last year I volunteered at a school to work as a soccer coach and normally my daily routine consists of training in the mornings and studying in the afternoon. This will be my first summer at camp and my role is a Soccer teacher. I’m very excited and really looking forward to this summer.

Syd Garrison – AMIR Farming Specialist

Hi, I’m Syd. My pronouns are they/them/theirs. I’m from St. Augustine, FL and I attend St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. I’m an environmental studies major and an active member of the Jewish Student Organization and a student environmentalist group. I’ll be a farm educator at camp. This is my first summer at URJ Jacobs Camp and I’m so excited! During the year, I help raise awareness about environmental issues and sustainability and garden when I have the opportunity.

Paul Auttonberry – Waterfront Director

I am a Utica Native, and recent graduate of Louisiana Tech University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumental Music Education. I was recruited by URJ in the summer of 2021 to fulfill the role of Waterfront Director, and have returned for the same position. Although this is only my second year at Jacobs, this will be my 10th year working at summer camp. I have dedicated my life to child care and education, whether it be during the summer, or teaching throughout the rest of the year.

Marco Guevara Richaud – Facility Support

I am from Mexico, from a state called Puebla. During the year I was physically preparing myself to play ultimate frisbee. This is my second year at the camp and I am super excited to be back! 🙂

Alma Sanchez Leon – Lead Operations Crew

Hi My name is Alma I’m from Mexico City this is my fifth year at Camp! My role this year will be support staff. I’m hard working. I enjoy working on this team. I’m super excited to come back this year!

Fatima Sanchez Leon – Lead Operations Crew

I’m from Mexico City. During the year I study at the MesoAmericana University. Something I love to do every year with a group of people is collect toys, clothes and groceries for people who do not have resources and need it. The camp hires me as a Staff, my role is to help with the tasks of the camp so that everything is clean and in order. This is my third year at camp.

Cesar Juarez Bautista – Lead Operations Crew

My name is Cesar Juarez Bautista, I am from Mexico, I am 20 years old, I am a full time student, this summer will be my second year at the camp. My role within the camp will be in the Ops Crew, I already have a little experience since my first year, I am excited to return with the people of Jacobs Camp and be able to continue learning from them.

Aranza Lopez Mora – Lead Operations Crew

I’m from Mexico. This year has been full of great opportunities for my career, I won an internal contest, as well as started my professional practices. I discovered my taste for remodeling and my ability to design new projects. And I returned to the camp this 2022. I hope to help in the kitchen again and learn more from the community. In the same way, returning from my work in the camp, I will start my social service career that leads me to my degree.

Maria Soto Zarate – Operations Crew

My name is Esther, I am 23 years old and I am a student of International Relations. I am from Oaxaca, Mexico. I like to help people by cleaning the streets and recycling, as those are good ways to care for and help the environment. This is my first year going to a camp and I will be working as staff support.

Monica Edo Capilla – Operations Support

Hi, I’m Monica, I’m from Mexico, I live in the city of Puebla. I study interaction design and animation at the Iberoamericana Puebla. I go to contemporary dance classes, it is very fun and helps me relax. I love art. I enjoy nature, sometimes I go hiking in the mountains! I will join the operation crew, this will be my first time in a summer camp! This is a new experience, I’m so excited!

Carlos Garcia Davila – Operations Support

Hi! My name is Carlos. I’m from Mexico. I live in Puebla city. I am a student. I’m studying finance and stock market at UPAEP University. This is my first summer, I’m so excited. Today, I’m a volunteer at Lupus fundacion esperanza de vida EAS A.C’ in this foundation I work in the marketing department.I love helping, exercising and traveling.

Brenda Gomez Francisco – Operations Support

I am from Alamo Veracruz. I am studying Medicine in Tampico Tamaulipas. My role at the camp is operations crew! This will be my first summer at camp. This year I have been volunteering in retirement homes and I will graduate in December!

Edgar Meza Duarte – Operations Support

Hello, I’m Edgar, I’m from Puebla, Mexico, is a city beautiful and I will work in Operations Support, this is my first time in Jacobs Camp, but the last year I worked in other Camp call Winnebago in Maine and I was working in laundry and support staff, so I painted the walls, fixed things, picked up the trash and washed the clothes and full-set sheets. During this year I worked in my professional practices and I programmed video-games for kids, the game was about a magic world. Camp is very important to me because I want to practice my English and learn new things!

Stephania Ocampo Cordova – Operations Support

Hi,my name is Stephania Ocampo, I am 20 years old and I live in Tabasco, Mexico. I am studying architecture. This is my first time at camp and I am very excited about it! I really like helping people who need it most. I also love to paint and do crafts!

Mariana Ochoa Segura – Hospitality Specialist

Hi! My name is Mariana! I am 19 years old! I am from Colombia. This is my first summer at Jacobs Camp and I am so excited to have fun and meet new people! 

Joshua Hecker – Programming Support

My name is Joshua Hecker, and I hail from Longview, Texas. During the year, I study Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. When I’m not studying, I’m busy learning Japanese, writing stories, or learning to make video games. My role at Jacobs Camp is being a counselor. While I have attended Jacobs Camp for a summer in the past as a camper, this will be my first summer on staff.

Beeri Eisengut – Adventure Specialist

I’m Beeri! I am 21 years old and I live in Kfar Tavor. I love motorcycle sports and music. I started training in Krav Maga at the age of 6. When I was 15, I began instructing groups of all different ages! I have also made use of my Krav Maga skills in my time in the IDF! 

David Scharff – Program Coordinator

I am from New Orleans (Metairie), Louisiana. I recently graduated from The University of Alabama, with a degree in electrical engineering. While at Alabama I was very involved in the campus Hillel, holding board positions for 4 years, including president my senior year. This year I will be the Program Coordinator at camp! This will be my 14th year at camp and 5th year on staff. I’m excited for another great summer! 🙂 

Eric Schipper – Facility Support

I am from Brandon, Mississippi. I go to college at University of Mississippi and I study Civil Engineering. I will be Nadav’s right hand man. I have been at camp since Olim.