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The Camper to Counselor Pipeline 

Maddy O’Quain


Being jewish has always been a big part of my life when growing up– from going to temple every Friday night to finally being old enough to go to Jacobs Camp. My mom came here as a kid, so I had heard so many things about this wonderful place when I was little and asked every summer when I would go. 2010 was my first year at Henry S. Jacobs Camp and I remember having so much fun but wasn’t ready to stay a full session yet, so I went in 2011 for a second year in Olim.

I made so many friends that second summer and had the best time of my life, so at 8 years old I decided I would keep coming back! Now I am currently in my 11th summer, 2nd year on staff and I’ve never been happier. Being on staff at HSJ is honestly so much fun, creating all the Jacobs Magic for my campers is extremely rewarding when I see how happy my campers are here. Currently, I am an Olim counselor and one of my co counselors is one of the first friends I made in my first year of Olim.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work here.

I love getting to help the campers come together and explore their Jewish identity. 

I love helping campers create their own memories and showing them how much fun camp is.

I want to thank my mom for signing me up every summer, because I have the best memories, friends, and job ever.  

I can’t wait to see my campers become counselors too.

About the Author

Maddy O’Quian

Maddy O’Quain is an Olim counselor from Lake Charles, LA! This is her 11th summer at camp!