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Lights, Campers, Action!

I knew my first Jacobs Camp summer would be a special experience, but I could not have expected Film with campers to exceed my expectations so much.

As a former film major and current film nerd, I was so excited to bring my love of film to campers this summer with the new Film Specialty. Before camp, I even talked to my high school film teacher to get some tips and material because I wanted to give campers the true joy and wonder of learning about movies and making one of their own.

Even after only one hour of Chugim with Maskilim in 1st session, I could tell the Jacobs Magic and movie magic were going to mix. The campers had endless amazing ideas, enthusiasm and excitement to make, what would become, a legendary music video. They knew what story they wanted to tell, what locations they were going to film in and what effects to add in the edit! We started filming the next day and you would think that these kids have done this before many times and were seasoned professionals. We’ve got our directors setting up the shot, actors in place, producers hurrying us up, two camera-people; one for main footage and another for B-Roll- a real production!! It just started and I couldn’t help but feel proud already!! The three most important parts of film I had stressed with the campers- creativity, communication and cooperation- were truly in effect!!

But what I didn’t know was this was only the beginning. The next few days, the campers kept asking me for more time to film!! They had so much more they wanted to do that they asked to skip Cabin Hours, Kehilah and even Pool time!!! These campers were no joke – very serious about their craft. So, with the help of Leadership Team, we were able to go keep shooting scenes so the crew would be satisfied with their finished product.

One day, we had set up a time for the campers to go film and I could not be there. I told the counselors who came to help me, “They know what they’re doing, just follow them.” Lo and behold, I walk past them filming a completely new scene by the Health Center- totally independent (with counselors present, of course)!!! One of them runs up to me and starts explaining what they’re filming and they even shot more before this and she is just ecstatic. All I could be was immensely proud and overjoyed they were having the awesome experience I had wished to give them.

Finally the day came and I told them that this is a special moment, a premiere, and we’re getting dressed up and ready to showcase our hard work. The campers were nervous and excited, like any artist about to share their work, but I was maybe the most jittery. This was finally my film campers’ special moment to shine. It was wonderful and sweet and they all came up to take a bow after multiple rounds of applause.

I loved every day I had with my film kids and who knows? Perhaps next year we will follow with a sequel that’s even bigger and better!


About the Author

Mika Dror

Mika Dror is from Shoham, Israel. Mika was a counselor and the Film Specialist at Jacobs Camp this past summer! She loves music, movies (obviously), art activities, and her campers