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Elijah Thompson – Assistant Director – Welcome Home!

Hey y’all! My name is Elijah Thompson, and I am so excited to join the Jacobs Camp year-round team as the newest Assistant Director! I’m from Birmingham, Alabama, and I’m a recent graduate of the University of Alabama (roll tide!) where I studied news media, communications, and human development. My favorite activities at camp are swimming in the lake, playing ping pong during Chofesh, and Maccabiah, of course.

As a kid, I grew up coming to Jacobs Camp every summer from Garin all the way until I was in Chalutzim. After that, I went on the NFTY in Israel trip with all my camp friends, and then returned to Utica to be on staff. After a summer in the Counselor-In-Training program, I spent two years as a counselor, and then last summer I was lucky enough to join the leadership team as the Garin Unit Head. This summer will be my fifth summer on staff, and I’ve never been more excited!

Growing up at Jacobs Camp, both as a camper and a staff member, has introduced so much magic into my life. Having an environment like Jacobs Camp where I never had to worry about making friends and where I felt connected to the Southern Jewish community meant the world to me as a kid, and I look forward to making sure we continue to provide that same haven for our current campers.

When I think about Jacobs Magic, what usually comes to mind first is the magic that counselors and other staff create for the campers: memorable programming, experiential Jewish learning, and ordinary moments which become extraordinary. However, I think that Jacobs Magic can be more holistic than that. Jacobs Magic is how Jacobs Camp turns its campers into strong-minded, independent young people who are ready to change the world; that’s what camp has done for me, my friends, and countless Southern Jews before me, so we certainly won’t be stopping anytime soon. One of the biggest reasons I choose to come back to camp as a staff member is that even though I’m not a kid anymore, each summer still presents new opportunities for personal growth and self-exploration that no other job can compete with.

Ever since my first summer on staff at Jacobs Camp, I have felt honored to play a part in the amazing Kehillah Kedoshah here in Utica. As I step into my new role on the year-round team, I am overflowing with gratitude that I’ll be able to continue contributing to this community for years to come.

Shalom y’all,

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Elijah Thompson

Elijah Thompson is the new Assistant Director of Henry S. Jacobs Camp. Elijah loves being outside, staying active, and making new friends. Elijah believes that spending the summer time at camp recharges us for the rest of the year, and he can’t wait for summer 2023 to get started.


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