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A Toddler at Camp?!

I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous – bringing a newborn or a toddler to camp. While a newborn comes with its own set of challenges, a toddler comes with opinions. 

My toddler son, Rafi, has quickly befriended all of the staff. To be honest, it’s hard to ignore a red-headed one year old waving his hands and yelling “om num num” after every bite of food. It really feels incredible to see your child loved by so many people. 

During the first staff swag reveal where we show the Summer Staff what swag item they will be receiving (Personalized Water Bottles – Thank You Joel and Erin!!), Rafi stood up all by himself for the first time! While Anna was showing the staff their amazing new water bottles, one staff member, Hadas, yelled across the room “wait was that his first time?” As I shook my head yes, the staff erupted into cheers. The joy, the smiles, the “no way that was his first time!?” The pride on Rafi’s face was undeniable. The pride on the staff’s face was even better. 

 I can’t wait for our staff to cheer for your child too! 

 Staff members who met Rafi less than a week ago are already so invested in his success. I know that they’ll be invested in your child’s success just as quickly. Jacobs Camp builds strong relationships and gives you 100+ champions instantly. These staff are ready! They are ready to support your child. They are ready to build relationships. They are ready to be your child’s biggest cheerleaders. We can’t wait to welcome your child home and cheer on their milestone moments this summer! 


About the Author

Carolyn Harari

Carolyn is our Associate Director at camp and is a pivotal aspect of making camp magical. This summer, she brought her son, Rafi, to camp. Pictured is Rafi standing for the first time during a staff-swag reveal.


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