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We Always Carry Camp and Each Other in Our Hearts

This has been a amazing week at camp even though we said goodbye to our Olim campers on Sunday. We miss them so much already!

I’m not sure how we got to the last Shabbat of the summer so quickly, but we’re all savoring this time together. Everyone had a fun evening at the Stalent Show, and our Chalutzim campers surprised the entire camp with a Maccabiah fake break on Monday night—so we were really excited when it actually kicked off on Wednesday night. Also this week, we asked our campers to create a bucket list and we’ve been working on checking off each item. From taking all the camp dogs on a walk to getting blobbed by their counselors, we’ve been doing it all!

Watch our Week in Review video to see what all the fun was about!

Garin blobbed and boated on Lake Gary – super cool activities loved by all! They also played with eggs as part of egg science, went trail hiking, and created some incredible yarn art. At night, they had a Super Mario Pool Party and worked with the Jewish Justice League and Chalutzim to find Anna Herman.

Maskilim made summer sweets, practiced morning meditation, and played Gaga. They also had great evening programs, including one where they planned and filmed their own music video. Playing dodgeball with their unit at the end of the evening was a  much-loved activity as well.

Talmidim performed a talent show with Chalutzim, had DJ lessons, played floor hockey, and did some Israeli dancing and pottery. As part of a performing arts program, Talmidim campers had their bunk nights this week where the did rave at the old Kibbutz site and made their own pizza!

A lot of time-honored traditions happened this week in Chalutzim! They planned Utica Fest, which is a carnival style program they will host for all of camp on our second to last night together. It was also “Take a Chalutz to Work Day” where Chalutzim campers were paired with staff members for the morning to handle all the important work at camp like sampling this week’s candy canteen, testing the golf carts and gators, and practicing using the walkie talkies!

Speaking of Maccabiah, every team competed valiantly in Sports, Just Dance, Aquatics, Hagigah (the arts competition), and the All Camp Relay! At the end, congratulations to the Green Team!

As the season draws to a close, we will enjoy our last few days—filling them to overflowing with good times and good memories. We’re sad to see the summer go, but we will always carry camp and each other in our hearts until we are together again at camp.

Wishing you a Shabbat shalom from the entire Jacobs camp community.