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The Making of the Jacobs Jet

It was the year 2023 when the great (and handsome) staff engagement coordinator Noah Saperstein founded the only satire media empire in Utica. Mr. Saperstein, age 20, had long been an up-and-comer in the world of satire newspapers. As a 7 year old, he made his class laugh with a funny drawing and at only 13 was referred to the principal after “his humor became a distraction.”

In 2021, Mr. Saperstein began attending the best liberal arts college in the entire world (or #3 if you are using There, he began to write for the Bowdoin Harpoon, the campus satire newspaper. During his illustrious career, Mr. Saperstein wrote gems including “Epic tale of Grandma’s harrowing immigration at Ellis Island Rudely Interrupted by Recipe” and “You are Too Old to ‘Have a Twin’”. 

Last summer Mr. Saperstein had the opportunity of a lifetime: teach impressionable children the best, and most constitutionally protected, way to make fun of your boss, mom, teacher, senator etc. Thus, The Jacobs Jet was born. He created a short google document outlining how the chugim would be run and added it to sign up slips. The demand was through the roof (though there remains lots of debate as to whether this was a result of Mr. Saperstein’s impressive popularity amongst the Jewish youth at large or because it was hosted in a room with AC). 

Each day about 10 bright minds would sit in a big circle and brainstorm for 10-20 minutes. Kids and Mr. Saperstein would share their new headlines and jokes, often receiving feedback. For the next 30 minutes, everyone split up and wrote 1-2 articles. We even had a few illustrations! Guided by the witty yet humble Mr. Saperstein, the articles continued to be polished until they were ready for publication. Graphics were made on photoshop and canva using publicly available images. 

For those of you now wondering “how do I get one of those at my camp?” or “where did I put my readers?!” I can say two things. First, follow the rough guide provided above and pray to Hashem that you have funny kids and an even funnier counselor to run it. 

As with any good blog post, I will conclude with a famous quote from someone and then pretend that an article about a 4 day satire newspaper written by children is the same as something like the Bay of Pigs or WWII. So here we go: Churchill once said “The price of greatness is responsibility.” So, my fellow brothers and sisters, be responsible with your satire. Saperstein out.

Read the Jacobs Jet here! 


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