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The true meaning of l’dor v’dor


I never really thought about the true meaning of L’Dor VaDor.  Last weekend, it became clear to me.  From generation to generation…I was a camper; my kids were campers.  We have celebrated many of our Jewish milestones at Henry S Jacobs Camp. 

My children had their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs at Camp.  Camp has introduced us to some of our best friends.  Our best moments have always been at Camp.  But last weekend, my husband had his special moment.  He has always been present at the kids’ Jewish milestones but hasn’t really been able to give 100% of himself to them as he was not Jewish….until now. 

Last year, John started the process of his conversion to Judaism.  We were at my cousin’s Bat Mitzvah (who is also a Jacob’s camper!) surrounded by our family and her camp friends and he felt a pull.  He had been feeling the pull for a while, but this time was different.  He felt the need to kiss the Torah as it moved around the sanctuary.  He felt the need to pray like he had not done before.  Before the party was over on Saturday night, he had already reached out to a Rabbi.  Unbeknownst to anyone, he needed to get the process started. 

He has worked tirelessly attending online classes, Zoom calls, regular phone calls with the Rabbi…all to get to the final point-the Mikvah.  He could have gone anywhere.  It’s water.  Its prayers.  But he had to find a place that “called” him.  He could have chosen to go to Memphis or New Orleans but in the end, he knew there was only one place to go and that was Henry S Jacobs Camp. 

So, last weekend, surrounded by our children and family, he went to Lake Gary and participated in the ceremonial dunking.  Each time he had to go under, he had to think of something the rabbi said.  The fourth and last dunk was for him.  He thought about what this process meant to him.  It was official.  He was declared a Jew.  We have made so many circles in our lives and they always seem to come back to Camp when it comes to our Judaism. 

The “Jacobs Magic lives in every person in our family-each in its own unique way.  From generation to generation, L’Dor VaDor…