Kochavim 2024

Kochavim 2024

Ready for Summer Camp? Let us help you find out. Kochavim for current 1st and 2nd graders on March 2-3, 2024

The best way to know if camp is right for your child is to try it out! At Jacobs Camp, we have a FUN one-night Kochavim Program for current 1st and 2nd graders that is the perfect introduction to sleepaway camp. Your child will get a taste of Jacobs Camp in action– eating camp food, sleeping in a cabin, and being a part of our Jacobs Camp Family!


In the 24 hours your child spends at camp, they will get to try the best of our camp activities. There are so many fun things to do at Jacobs Camp, and we are going to jump right in! From the Art Room to the sports fields campers will try out some favorite activities, and enjoy eating in the dining hall with an after dinner dance party followed by an awesome evening program. Former Kochavim campers say the best part is sleeping in the cabin in a bunk bed with their new best friends. Our very best counselors – all experienced in working with young campers – will be on hand to make sure your child’s experience is safe and fun.

Kochavim not only let her dip her toes into camp activities, it gave her the confidence to know she is independent and will be ok without us right there.  I firmly believe that one night experience laid the foundation that will carry her through this summer and all the summers to come.

Read the entire post here to see Why Kochavim Works!

Edie E.

Parent of Kochavim Camper and Jacobs Camp Alumna

Sample Schedule


1:00pm – Arrive, Check In, Welcome Mixer

2:00pm – Snack and Camp Games

3:00pm – Adventure Games

4:00pm – Swim Tests and Free Swim (Pool)

5:30pm – Change for Dinner

6:00pm – Dinner and Song Session

7:00pm – Evening Program

7:30pm – Campfire Havdallah with Songleader and S’mores

7:45pm – Cabins In

8:15pm – Lights Out


7:00am – Wake Up, Pack Up

7:40am – Backyard Time

8:10am – Breakfast and Song Session

9:00am – Art

9:45am – Sports

10:30am – Lake Time

10:30 am – Parents’ Tour, Meet at JPAC

12:00pm – Picnic Lunch

1:00pm – Farewell and see you next summer!