“Being a part of Solelim was a unique experience. It’s the perfect middle place between being a camper and being a counselor. I was able to develop my leadership skills without taking on all the responsibilities of being an in-cabin counselor, while still being able to develop relationships with my campers. Being with my campers was always the highlight of my day.” – Madison, 2022 Solelim participant

“You will have great experience after being a junior counselor. Make sure you are having a good time and your campers are too.” – Rafa, 2023 Solelim Participant

Solelim is the best summer ever. It is a 24-day program that guides participants through the transition of camper to staff member. 

What’s Unique About the Solelim Program? 

  • Shadow Units and Departments: Try out different age groups and program spaces at camp to discover what fits.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Solelim Advisors will observe you in action working directly with campers. 
  • Director Chats: meet with the Jacobs Camp year-round team to learn how camp makes everything from fundraising to menu planning to creating camper care plans happen.
  • Solelim Only Experiences: trips, campfires, movie nights, planning Americafest, running Candy Canteen, and more! 
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Solelim have staff privileges such as hanging in the Pierce, late night snacks, and days off. During Solelim, you live in cabins with your peers and get lots of time to hang together.
  • Everyday as a Solelim looks different as you move through orientation, shadow days, program planning, and more.

What happens after 24 days? 

After first session you have the opportunity to become a Junior Counselor (and get paid!) during second session either for Olim (2 weeks) or Garin/Maskilim (3.5 weeks). Junior counselors move into bunks right away for on-the-job training and mentorship from our experienced counselors and leadership team members, while experiencing ongoing training throughout second session. Like counselors, Junior Counselors receive two full days off, intersession off, and time off everyday. Watch our awesome counselors in action below!

Applications open November 6, 2023