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Shabbat Shalom from Jacobs Camp

Shabbat shalom from Jacobs Camp, where we’ve had another amazing week! At camp this week, we enjoyed continuing to build our Kehillah Kedoshah (Holy Community). Take a look at all the fun we had in our Week in Review Video.

Continuing our tradition of everyone trying new things this summer, campers had a chance to try their hand at farming, and this week, Talmidim’s farming specialty camp hosted the first annual Harvest Festival! Campers picked okra and cucumbers (for pickles), made teas and invited staff to visit the garden and sample the homemade teas and pickles!  

We also enjoyed a fabulous visit from Jewish rock star Dan Nichols who visited with each unit for a workshop that debuted some new songs and got everyone excited for his all-camp concert. Of course, it was wonderful, and everyone had a blast! 

After the concert, we announced Maccabiah and the theme of HSJ: Down the Rabbit Hole, based on “Alice in Wonderland.” The captains were: Ana Finger for the blue team, whose character was the caterpillar; Zack Morrison as the Mad Hatter, leading the green team; Talia Fleisig as Tweedle Dee, leading the yellow team; and Noah Saperstein as the Cheshire Cat, taking the helm of the red team. Competitions included pool activities, capture the flag, tug of war, Haggigah (the arts competition), Jewpardy, Just Dance, and much, much more! 

And the winner is…..  THE YELLOW TEAM! 

We can’t believe this is our last Shabbat of the summer.  It’s gone by way too fast, but we’re grateful to have had such a great week together and are looking forward to a wonderful, peaceful Shabbat.  

Shabbat shalom y’all! 

Anna B. Herman